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Still going strong/Update

Christian L., 08/18/2018
LS 2dr Coupe
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I bought my ‘93 MX-6 from an elderly woman , complete with all service records ,who , yes, only drove it on weekends and short trips. She was the only owner, and the car had 75,000 miles on it.She originally was going to give it to her Grandson, but decided it was way to fast for his first car. Other than cv joints, this car, inside and out has been amazing. Very quick acceleration , corner handing is smooth and even invites acceleration around a corner, holding its line perfectly. Update: After driving this MX-6 for roughly two thousand miles in less than two years, I still maintain my 5 star rating in all categories, but with a caveat: this is a performance car, and in my opinion (with engine power, stock set up and premium fuel) is not “necessarily” a daily driver . I say this because the car, though a beautiful driver requires attention to mechanical detail to keep it up. Not just because it’s a ‘93, but because parts are scarce and repairs (unless you are skilled with this Mazda engine) can be costly. Continuous and meticulous maintenance will always be required to keep the MX-6 driving as intended. Is it worth the time and expense? Yes... just ask any of the subculture MX-6 fanatics (I use that term as a compliment) that passionately work on their own cars with such surgical precision as to get those infrequent but amazingly enjoyable and exhilarating weekend drives. Why so much dedication? Drive one... just once, and you’ll understand completely. Second update : It’s 2020 and I still am driving my 1993 Mazda MX-6 , albeit only about 250/ miles/month. This gem of a car continues to impress me with its performance. With only 78,600 original miles and all of the service records from when she was new, I’ve hadno mechanical issues. I’ve replaced the tires and had an oil change. The handling is perfect and holds its line into a curve. These cars are getting scarce, and picking up one in great shape can be more of a challenge than it’ made out to be.

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Abe, 05/25/2010
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I love this car. It looks great and is fast enough for me I've been getting about 18 MPG City and as high as 33 MPG on the highway. I keep the car as God intended it. Just added a Hood Bra, SUNROOF WIND DEFLECTOR NEW and Headlight Covers.

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Great handling, nice shape, fun with some flaws.

ajerimez, 07/15/2014
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The second gen MX-6, with its unique looks and sporty handling, enjoys a small but loyal following nearly two decades after it was discontinued in 1997. I bought mine with 93,000 miles, put another 20,000 on the clock (which included a NY-CA round trip), and sold it for what I paid without incurring any major expenses. I liked it a lot and actually felt a twinge of seller's remorse when I let it go. Since it shares the same underpinnings as the Ford Probe, replacement parts are inexpensive and not hard to find. It's basically a reliable and fun ride with a few quirks. Offers great bang for your buck, but they're getting harder to find in good condition as time goes on.

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The MX-6 was near the top in it's class

crxbrett, 04/02/2004
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Bought my 93 MX-6 with 80,000 miles 2 years ago. Car has given me no problems at all. Acceleration is quite good (0- 60 in about 7.3 sec) Braking and handling are very good. Comfort is alright but actually quite nice for it's class. Some minor electrical bugs have creeped up but are just annoying (washer light wont turn off) Fuel economy is actually far better than advertised (26-29 mpg-mostly highway) Luggage space is more than enough. Rear is a bit small, but hey-it's a sports coupe not an SUV!!!! A manual is a must in this car.

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The Money Pit

Don Giovanni, 12/19/2002
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This was my first real car - now its my first lemon. I've put about 30,000 miles on it since I got it but I've also had to replace the engine, transmission, and various other expensive parts. And I used to make fun of people with Ford Probes (they share the same parts)...not any more. Whatever they're asking for its not worth it - do not buy this car! It will only lead to pain & suffering plus a light wallet.

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