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Reliable, Cheap maintenance, motivating to drive....

mikeetown, 01/31/2013
GS 2dr Hatchback
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The 1.8 V6 isn't very powerful but it has a very smooth and steady climb in the RPM's all the way to its 7000rpm redline. When it comes to windy roads, this car is very fast!! The engines small displacement and smooth feel all the way to the redline gives the driver the confidence that the engine can surely take a beating. Mine has 289,000km of hitting the redline every day and no problems. I change the oil evry 5 months or 5000kms though using the reccomended 10w30. The only Mazda MX-3 V6 I would avoid is an automatic one. The auto could not handle the power of the V6 and usually doesnt last. The 5 speed lasts forever provided u change the gear oil every 2 years (only costs 45$)

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Still running at 17 years old

GGCAN, 09/26/2010
2dr Hatchback
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I purchased this car used in 1999 with 104,000 km and it was the 4 cyl. At that time I didn't have a lot of money for a car as I had just taken out a mortgage and needed a car. I am not sorry for this purchase, as the car has lasted me until now September 2010 and is now showing it's age and I am replacing it. I've pretty much driven it into the ground and other than maintenance, had not put money into any's been very dependable.

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Mazda Mx3

rl88, 10/22/2004
GS 2dr Hatchback
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I have all power options, the pw broke on me, i also had to change the tranny, the engine is still strong, I can't seem to beat other v6 cars off the line but then when around 40 KM you feel that you are flying and it doesn't stop accelerating, it's an OKAY car. If you are looking for a nice 2 door V6, get a accord or solara, it's the same on gas, actually probably better.

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My Friend for 12 Years

RJR, 11/13/2008
2dr Hatchback
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I can't say enough about this car. It might not be the coolest car on the road but I owned this car for over 12 years, put over 110,000 miles on it, and it saved me a ton of cash. The reliability of this car is off the charts. I might have put $3k into it the entire time I owned it, and that's replacing consumables like brakes, exhaust, etc. The car never failed me once and is probably still on the road somewhere. I sold the car with 139,000 miles on it and it was still on the original clutch!

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Best sports car under $6k!

OWN1NOW, 05/10/2002
Special 2dr Hatchback
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The MX-3 GS Special combines several of my favorite features into one vehicle. Nothing (at this price) handles like this little monster. Car and Driver put this car in the 300Z/Supra/3000GT range of road grip, and after 3 years of fun (can you say 90 mph exit ramp circle?), I agree. This car has taken everything I have dished out with a smile. I drove this car 29 hours straight @ 90-100 mph --no probs. I've also driven it with 1 QT oil and NO water for days-with little loss of performance If you can find another car this reliable, fun, and feature-packed for under $6k used, please let me know!

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