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2.88 out of 5 stars

Looks Good But Hunk Of Junk

dane17, 01/15/2013
2005 Maserati Quattroporte 4dr Sedan (4.2L 8cyl 6AM)
30 of 33 people found this review helpful

This car is strictly "looks only", it is not reliable or even close to it. I have already sank $13,760 in repairs at only 23K miles. This is totally unacceptable for a $140K car when new. I am taking it to the auction next week to "unload" before it can empty my wallet again. But if you want a sharp car that sits good in the driveway - this is it! Just don't drive it anywhere!!

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3.63 out of 5 stars

Not Ready for Prime-Time Player

Murrayr1, 12/11/2005
2005 Maserati Quattroporte 4dr Sedan (4.2L 8cyl 6AM)
20 of 23 people found this review helpful

I may be the only person in the US to own two Maserati Quattroportes. My first had multiple problems that included sensors, transmission and finally the main computer; all in the first three months of ownership. OK, anything is possible with a new model, right? Maserati of NA gave me a new one and I had the transmission re-built (clutch and throw-out bearing) same as the first. The dealer bent over backward to help. Corporate gave me a song and dance about wanting to study my car and then sold it without disclosing the problems. Beware, the "clutch is a wear item", 2500 to replace (they did mine free due to 3k miles) and , "good for 20k mi" (srvce mgr). Not disclosed.

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3.25 out of 5 stars

Worst Quality EVER

forspam, 10/14/2009
2005 Maserati Quattroporte 4dr Sedan (4.2L 8cyl 6AM)
20 of 24 people found this review helpful

Bought with 9,000 miles and 12 months left on warranty. More time with Ferrari/Maserati Houston than driving. Throw-out bearing/seals warranty replaced but clutch plate not covered ($1000 part). Software problems=failed plugs ($1000). Failure both fuel pumps ($3,500). Door mechanism failure, plus numerous trips to get transmission software upgrades. Car has total 15,000 miles on odometer. Even the most trivial parts are special order from Italy. I will NEVER buy an Italian car again.

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4.38 out of 5 stars

How to buy a Maserati

roman615, 03/02/2015
2005 Maserati Quattroporte 4dr Sedan (4.2L 8cyl 6AM)
24 of 31 people found this review helpful

Just bought a 2005 Maserati. One of the best cars ever! Styling is amazing! Drives like a dream. So many people say bad things about this car and they may very well be true. However, buy a low mileage older car where the kinks are already worked out and you get a Ferrari for the price of a Ford. Will it cost more to maintain? Sure. But the driving experience is worth every penny! Mine has 38K miles and there are a few idiosyncrasies but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Say what you will but I will be smiling from ear to ear as I pass your BMW, Mercedes, Audi, or whatever. If you are wanting a true enthusiast's car that looks as good as it drives, this is it!

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2.63 out of 5 stars

Dangerous Car, Non-existent customer Serivce

grishca, 04/18/2015
2005 Maserati Quattroporte 4dr Sedan (4.2L 8cyl 6AM)
22 of 29 people found this review helpful

Gas pedal got stuck 3 times!!! We have experienced issues with the car since we got it in April 2014. Screeching breaks. Radio not working. Tires rubbing. Maserati of Bergen and Maserati of North America could not resolve our problems. They did not have a loaner to offer us since DECEMBER 2014. Gas pedal got stuck again today for the third time. Scary! Stay away

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