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Never Again!

Steve T., 01/22/2004
XJ6 Sovereign 4dr Sedan
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Jag's are terrible mechanically once you get to know them. I bought mine used and at first it was great. Then the problems started. It would stall for no apparent reason and refuse to restart for a couple of hours. Now it has an electrical gremlin where the battery discharges. I had my mechanic check the car and he cannot trace the problem. It is a little anemic in the power department, but that is bearable. When it runs, the ride is great, the seats are comfortable and I can drive it for hours without feeling fatigue. The problem is reliability. I finally grew tired of the problems and dumped it.

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Mikihala, 03/27/2003
XJS 2dr Coupe
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This is the most BEAUTIFUL, exciting, FUN, attention getter, PRIDEFUL, powerful, SEXY, smooth, CAN'T STOP MYSELF FROM STARING AT, vehicle I have ever had the PLEASURE to own!!!!!!!!! I love the cockpit/racecar feel/view that it has. It's low to the ground, and goes 0-60 in 7.5 seconds.

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Jaguar could be a prefered brand, but ............

Peter C. Ebner, 12/28/2015
XJ6 Sovereign 4dr Sedan
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The manufacturer intent on selling new cars with much fanfare, but like an illegitimate child it wants nothing to do with it after it is sold. The Dealer-body chimes right in with this. In many ways the dealers are worse for their inability to build product loyalty, they see the owners as plain and simple cash-cows. Jaguars in many ways are wonderful cars that have a lot to offer, but with the present dealership structure the car will never become what it could be. I showed up at a dealership with a gleaming older model and was ignored at the parts dept. for 40 minutes ,staff walking by me until I walked out. So much for multi-brand mega dealerships owned by racing magnates who's mechanics aren't even trained to work on older models. Jaguar should be elated to have so many enthusiasts that lovingly restore their legacy products, but like their dealers, they don't care. Until Jaguars snobby attitude changes, customer loyalty will not last beyond the first three years and then, just like new status restaurants with an artificial cache, its customer-base will flee to the next status symbol. Only now will it be more difficult to attract customers to the off-lease or post -sale used products for the fact that the cost of failed electronic components and software no longer available will make Jaguars basically a worthless proposition. With the over-dependence on computerization and electronics there will be no more collectable " Legacy" vehicles of all makes in the future years to come.

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cool cat

SLEEKJAG, 06/05/2004
XJS 2dr Convertible
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What a head turner! If I had a nickel for every time someone stopped me to talk about this car I would have over $3! (which would pay for enough gas to go about 15 miles.) The car is powerful, not quick off the start but smooth and fast going from 50 to 100. The ride is comfortable. The upkeep can be expensive, but if you stay ahead of the curve by doing preventative maintenance it is very reliable. Change the bushings, hoses, and other rubber mounts, put in new switches and you should be all set.

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Showroom classic

Steveorino, 06/20/2003
XJS 2dr Coupe
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Just got this in showroom condition with only 15,200 miles on it from a friend who is original owner, for $8,500. Old design but boy does it get the looks!

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