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Very unhappy

unhappy1980, 04/11/2013
3dr Hatchback w/Black Interior (1.6L 4cyl 6M)
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I purchased my veloster 9 months ago and the vehicle is in the shop every other month for a problem. I've gone past the dealer and still Hyundai Canada is not doing anything. Its ridiculous on how they can sell a lemon and not take responsibility for there default merchandise. I cant even enjoy my vehicle and making payments on a car that spends more time at the dealer then with me.I'm very disappointed in hyundai and the customers satisfaction is there thing bullshit. Its excuse after excuse and they lie about the work they claim they did on the vehicle. Im extremely frustrated and ready to take further measures.

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Quite Dissappointed

mdub10, 01/24/2014
3dr Hatchback w/Black Interior (1.6L 4cyl 6M)
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I have owned my Veloster since the summer of 2012. I really wanted the manual as I have driven stick shifts since 1994. Unfortunately this thing has to be built by morons. I have had navigation issues, massive creaks and squeaks that are completely annoying and now with 25,000 miles on this car, the clutch has gone out! Are you kidding?! I have driven numerous vehicles that were standards. I have never had a clutch fail. Not once in 20 years of owning cars. Hyundai is saying wear and tear and I have to pay over $1000. Once I get the quote from the dealer, I am going to fight this like crazy. The clutch is only covered for 12 months or 12K miles? Hmmmm...maybe they knew it was crap?!

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Buyer Beware

madnmas1, 03/05/2013
3dr Hatchback w/Black Interior (1.6L 4cyl 6AM)
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My husband bought the Veloster in 2012. He needed a car that had good gas mileage but with a somewhat sporty look. To give you an idea, next month will be a year and it already has 25k miles on it. Long story short within one week the car died, antifreeze everywhere, and they had to replace the gasket. It started shaking real bad and Hyundai did not want to let us trade it in. We went the BBB route and did not win. Took it in recently for FOUR recalls..the sunroof is known to shatter at high way speeds, the rear calibers had to be replaced and were a safety issue, the mileage was misadvertised and now we get a refund check for mileage every so often Buyer Beware. Run as fast as you can.

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Fun and Unique Looking Car

gmtsinger, 12/31/2011
3dr Hatchback w/Gray Interior (1.6L 4cyl 6AM)
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I love this car and it certainly gets alot of looks. It rides well for its size and gets about 30 MPG mixed street and highway. It's noisey (hear the wind), when the sunroof is open but otherwise it is relatively quiet. I only have 2700 miles on it so it's difficult to rate it's reliability and total quality at this point. My only concern is with Hyundai service. Will the technicians be up to speed on this car when it comes time for service and troubleshooting issues, and will the dealership and hyundai honor their warranty. I also purchased the extended warranty as I tend to keep my cars long. The built in navigation system is challenging to use at times.

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Meet the CR-Z Killer

jeffdawgfan, 09/20/2011
3dr Hatchback w/Gray Interior (1.6L 4cyl 6M)
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I took delivery of a 2012 Veloster this past Saturday. I had been looking real hard at the Honda CR-Z but there were just some things that Honda cut corners on and left off that car that just did not sit well with me. The hybrid motor was also a big turn off as it just over complicated the car and did not really increase its fuel economy. Enter the Hyunda Veloster. The Veloster is everything that the CR-Z wanted to be. More features, better ride, just as much power and better fuel economy with out the hybrid cost/complication. Unless Honda does something quick the CR-Z is dead in two years I predict.

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