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Everything except accelleration

r3v00h, 10/27/2011
3dr Hatchback w/Black Interior (1.6L 4cyl 6M)
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Im a mid 20s average guy, I needed a car that I could afford but also one that didnt look like a little uh, you know. The veloster is awesome, I love everything about it, the MPG (realistically 28/37 but I've got it up to around 32/42) and the mean front end. The car is a work of art and you really need to go test drive one to appreciate it, if you can find one, all of my dealerships sold out in a hurry. Speed demons (like me) will be disappointed at its speed off the line, but its makes up for that with handling, a smooth ride, great looks inside and out, and a pretty good warantee. I don't know about you but it works for me.

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Get Compliments Every Time I Go Out in My Veloster

dutchgirl22, 03/11/2012
3dr Hatchback w/Red, Black Interior (1.6L 4cyl 6AM)
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I bought my Veloster about a month ago. I traded in my 2003 Hyundai Tiburon which I LOVED for this car. I drive for a living so I put on about 25,000 miles a year and I need a small car for parking spaces with a large trunk for my medical devices, along w great gas mileage/good warranty/good price. I had a 4 cylinder Tiburon so I am used to the weaker power of the Veloster as well as feeling everything on the road (I feel less than w my Tiburon). My complaint is the MPG whether highway/city is NOT correct. I seem to have to get gas as much now as I did w my Tiburon that allegedly has 10-15 mpg less than the Veloster. I get compliments all the time and I do love the look.

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Simply Perfect for Me.

dpsimcho, 11/03/2011
3dr Hatchback w/Black Interior (1.6L 4cyl 6AM)
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I bought this car 10/13/11 and still have not a single complaint. I know some reviews point to "poor acceleration" or what have you, but I have to say that for what I was going for, it is completely fine with me. I was looking for a good looking car that got good to great gas mileage. I absolutely Love the design of the Veloster (especially the rear end). When you get in, you would think you are riding in a car twice it's price. Very comfortable seats, everything you touch feels like it has a high end quality to it. I've had a few people in the back seat with no hiccups or complaints whatsoever. I simply love the amount of people who have pulled up next to me asking what it is!

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Compare to other 1.6

slowlearner1, 12/20/2011
3dr Hatchback w/Black Interior (1.6L 4cyl 6M)
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When considering the acceleration on the Veloster, you need to have some experience with other 1.6 engines. It is as good or better than the others. Having said that, with the gearing of the the 6 spd, expect to have to down shift if you want to accerate. I've had the car 5k miles and have no problem going up hills...but if you have to accerate going up a hill you will have to shift. I get about 38 combined mpg and scored 49 on a recent trip to the lake. Outside of a sooty exhaust and noisy suspension, its a very good car.

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Wow - Couldn't be happier!!

vanessa5, 09/27/2011
3dr Hatchback w/Gray Interior (1.6L 4cyl 6AM)
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Just purchased the 2012 Veloster - Fully Loaded with Style and Tech package white/grey leather combo. This was the ACTUAL car at the OC auto show that I fell in love with less than 24 hours before! On the drive back to the office, I got SEVERAL blinding stares on the freeway, including a few waves as well and thumbs up signs! I'm a bit of a car fanatic - this is actually my 3rd car in addition to a 350z and 2011 Ford Edge, and I can honestly say this car is as fun to drive as my 350z. Doesn't have the same power BUT the handling and grip to the road is superb. For having every option and getting out of the dealer for ~25k, I feel like this is a bargain and a HUGE bang for your buck!!

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