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Blue 2012 Hyundai Veloster w/ Tech & Style Package

mitch_dh, 10/03/2011
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I just picked up this car a week ago and boy am I impressed. I traded in my 2005 Saab 9-3 Arc for this car and I have to say the Veloster blows the Saab out of the water. The standard features on this car are substantial from touch screen to blue tooth. Not to mention this car gets up to 40 mpg's on the highway, which is very good. I will say that the only thing that I miss is the speed from my last car, but the Veloster handles extremely wells and grips the road firmly, which I like. So far I am 100% happy with this car and am glad there are companies like Hyundai who understand "value" and honestly try and offer a customer everything at an amazing price point. It is also turns heads.

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This car is a blast - surprised by some of the negatives out there...

natefighter, 11/06/2011
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Didn't even know this car existed until a few weeks ago, when I went to a dealership to check out an Elantra. Went home and did some research and read some reviews - I have to admit I was leery. I commute 100 miles round trip everyday. I was looking to replace a 10 year old Accord. Also have 3 kids (one is an infant). I was looking for really good MPG and in this economy, didn't want to be dropping a lot of coin (read: VALUE) I went back and test drove the Veloster and absolutely loved it! Bought one. It really is a lot of fun to drive, regardless of the HP. the 6 speed manual is smooth. I easily get 30 city and 40-44 hwy (36-38 combined!) - after a solid month of driving.

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Very fun car, questionable quality

rex81, 12/09/2011
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First off, I really like this car. I bought it because I wanted something fun but practical. This is a perfect mix. The car handles great, the engine/transmission feels good, it has a TON of standard features, the full third door and roomy backseat are great for carrying kids, and the trunk is huge. I am constantly sitting at work itching to start my commute. Something I dreaded in my last car, a Toyota Yaris. So spending $18,000 out the door to get a car that does that is a really great value in my opinion. However, after driving it for 1,000 miles I'm questioning it's build quality. It's a brand new car so it's bound to have quirks, but it just doesn't feel as solid as my Toyota.

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Everything except accelleration

r3v00h, 10/27/2011
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Im a mid 20s average guy, I needed a car that I could afford but also one that didnt look like a little uh, you know. The veloster is awesome, I love everything about it, the MPG (realistically 28/37 but I've got it up to around 32/42) and the mean front end. The car is a work of art and you really need to go test drive one to appreciate it, if you can find one, all of my dealerships sold out in a hurry. Speed demons (like me) will be disappointed at its speed off the line, but its makes up for that with handling, a smooth ride, great looks inside and out, and a pretty good warantee. I don't know about you but it works for me.

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Fun Car_No issues with speed

attaymik37, 11/20/2011
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I researched the Veloster so when it was time to look they were just coming in and I didn't want the base model. Being my impatient self, I bought a Genesis Coupe (big mistake--different review) in Oct; just traded it in yesterday for the car I should have had in the first place, a black Veloster. The ride is smoother, more comfortable and the amenities are outstanding for a car in this class and price range. No disrespect to the Genesis (Coupe) but this car suits me so much better and I couldn't be happier!

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