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2012 Sonata Hybrid Standard

palomies, 08/26/2012
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Took delivery of my new Sonata Hybrid on July 18. Very happy with car so far. Five tankfuls of fuel have given me an average over 39 MPG...if the tank is mostly highway driving I get average over 40, if mostly city/errands and such about 36. No problem with switching between electric and gas engine. I think there may be a learning curve to learning to drive the car for the most economy as sometimes the gas engine will come in pretty strongly, especially in hilly terrain. Car is very comfortable for long drives, my bulged discs don't even know! (to be fair, my '07 Sonata was the same way). The handling may not be quite as good as my last Sonata, but this one also feels much bigger.

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terrible experience

gesiggie, 08/02/2014
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I bought my 2012 Sonata Hybrid last year and was originally very pleased with it, with the exception of the seat design. The headrest comes too far out and pushes your head forward. I could get over that, though. What I can not get over is the shuddering that began just over a month ago. I've had it into the dealership 4 times, and after upgrading the software which didn't solve the issue, they tell me the shuddering I experience every time I stop is 'normal'. The drive is no longer 'fun', but stressful, as I brace myself each time I see a stop sign. It's a rough ride for driver and passengers alike. I would not recommend this car to anyone. Sadly, I'm stuck with mine.

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Flashy sales pitch, poor result

redrockrover, 02/12/2013
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Leased this car on the premise of great features together with great MPG. Traded in my old gas-guzzling SUV for "great" gas mileage. First tank lasted 550 miles, I was elated. After that my MPG has been taking a dump. I was quite surprised because my driving style is very cautious, even boring. My lowest whole tank average gas mileage at fill up was 16mpg. Absolutely pathetic, I should have gotten a truck. Got sold on comfy seats and sticker MPG. I expected the mileage to be less than sticker but not like this. If you live anywhere that gets cold, and you don't do lots of long distance driving, avoid this vehicle like the plague. I am counting the days until it disappears from my life.

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And the 2nd tank is in

jay357, 08/07/2012
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As I previously reported my first tank was 28 mpg. Now I have added fuel for the 2nd time and my mileage is 37mpg combined just like the sticker said. So I don't know what the Edmunds tester problems are. I also notice my tires only had 30 psi in them, so I aired them up to 40 psi and am hoping to net another 3 mpg. Edmunds comments about quirky hybrid. I disagree, most of the time you can't tell when it shifts from gas to electric or vice versa. Occasionally you can feel it but even then it just feels like an automatic transmission shift.

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Over sold

secrets, 05/14/2013
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We bought this car strictly for the fuel economy. We were trading up from a 23mpg vehicle to a 40mpg car. We have never gotten more tha 35mpg with an average of 30.1mpg. I normally never buy new, and I will not buy a hybrid ever again. Knowing then what i know now i would have bought the cheaper turbo model. We are very disapointed with the MPG.

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