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Everything I Thought It Would Be, But...

southerngent63, 12/13/2011
3.8 Track 2dr Coupe (3.8L 6cyl 6A)
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Let me begin by saying that this is one of my favorite cars. I've owned 14 over 30+ years so I have a good personal database. It is lightning fast, especially in "manual mode". There's the slightest lag at launch in full automatic but if you're racing you're going to be using the paddle shifters anyway. (I don't race, but I do love one particular freeway on ramp.) It might not be a work of art, per se, but the design lets you know up front that this is a fun car. The interior is about as comfortable as you might imagine a sport-tuned suspension would allow, which is to say not overly. Everything is well laid-out, easy to use and unobtrusive. Overall, I love it. But keep reading...

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Genesis Coupe is an absolute blast!

jonbarraudi, 08/24/2011
3.8 Grand Touring 2dr Coupe w/Black Leather (3.8L 6cyl 6A)
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I have the GT which brings all the gizmos that make driving an enjoyable event and V6 engine that pulls all the gizmos along with you from 0-60 in 5.7 (on average). The interior is well put together and offers a lot of soft touch buttons that make you feel like you should be paying more for the car. The exterior is fantastic, lots of looks because no common person (people that are not that into cars) could recognize. The car feels light and confident when steering across corners. But as far as reliability goes, I hope for the best. In conclusion, this car has really blown my expectations away and has somewhat changed my perception of the auto car company known as Hyundai.

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A Well Built Car

ChadJT, 02/22/2017
2.0T 2dr Coupe (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 5A)
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I have had this car for 8 months and have taken it from 140k miles to 158k miles in that time frame. Initially I was nervous about buying a turbo'd Hyundai with a lot of miles, But I went through with it because the car was in immaculate shape and ran like a top. So far the car has been a great value it has not given me one issue and shows no sign of giving me one. The car feels incredibly well built to me, I feel that this car is very underrated. Now for what you really want to know about, the performance. The performance is a blast. Hyundai engineered this car with performance in mind and it shows. It is not a straight line speed car. The best time to have with this car is on a windy hwy hugging corners while spooling out the turbo, or on a country back road punching the throttle around sharp corners. One interesting thing is the when your start driving it aggressively the car completely changes attitude and the car just seems to take abuse really well. The car takes abuse very well, and that alone tells me that it was engineered for performance which is more than other companies actually do for "Performance" cars. In a practicability sense the back seats are horrible for anyone over 5'5" but at 6'2" I have no issue with head space. It is a little snug and was a bit odd when I first bought it but I got use to it. The seats are snug, foot space is just right, visibility is no issue. I love the interior and the blue lights, but the gps is sort of dumb in the sense that it reminds you of turns just before they come up and the routes are rarely the fastest (but you can choose between three routes it calculates). I have only driven in the snow a few times here in Ohio and it did well. Overall I recommend if you're in the market for something like this because due to Hyundai's old reputation this car is cheap with some miles on it and comes with an incredible value. I hope I helped, I'm actually keeping this car and not trading it in when I'm finished with it.

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Best Car I have ever owned!!!!!!!!!!

cbarron721, 06/14/2012
2.0T R-Spec 2dr Coupe (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 6M)
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The car is blast to drive and is the first vehicle to ever replace the thrill of the ninja ZX6R. The turbo feels smooth and kicks in hard. The only two areas where I would say need to be improved (they seem to be on the 2013) is the quality of the interior and the performance. I gave both of those a 4 because the interior is nice but does leave something to be desired and the performance is great but they really should have used a larger intercooler and could have tuned it better. I have owned this car since new in February 2012, I bought the 2012 because the 2013 front end just does not do it for me, and the 2012 is more mod friendly. I have already switched to a single exhaust and SRI

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the little car that could

mike schmidt, 01/07/2017
2.0T Premium 2dr Coupe (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 5A)
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it is a fun little car for the price has a few glitches especially the rev hang. sound good with a exhaust I have a tsudo on mine sounds deep and great. gas mileage around town 26.2 hwy 33.1 but can go lower if driving aggressive. love the looks. the transmission on the manual could have a little better feel but a aftermarket bushing replacement helps take it out. a computer flash helps with the rev hang but does not eliminate it. the infinity sound system sounds great for a factory radio and sub. the later models got a increase in power but I don't like the front fascia and fake hood vents. people down Hyundai but to each is their own I for one enjoy the vehicle and like to have something that I don't see every day. it is a cheap entry vehicle with potential you have btr who created a 4 banger that pushes 850whp so that goes for those who want to tune. I have a Subaru for my winter driving and have muscle cars for my other vehicles and yet I still get a smile on my face driving the Hyundai especially when I hit 3000rpm and that turbo hits in hard.

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