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The car is a bad joke - stop buying Hyundai until they get serious
By whatfuture on


2013 Hyundai Elantra Limited 4dr Sedan (1.8L 4cyl 6A)


It's rated well by Consumer Reports.
Looking good inside and out doesn't make for a quality car.
I feel ripped off and I did my research.
I'm currently looking to trade it in with @1100 mi.
I shouldn't have purchased the vehicle...

Best Features

1. Leather seats, albeit flimsy. 2. Dual temp. control. 3. Can't lock anything. There's no key for the inside and no key to keep the trunk locked when on trips. Everything I own is possibly exposed to theft.

Worst Features

1. Use quality in the car. 2. I'm concerned with two computer problems - the ave MPG isn't right and the speedometer is wrong, that something else computerized will go bad. It's a fare conclusion. 3. Tires are the worst in 40 years of car buying. Put something safe on. 4. The batteries are two-year batteries. I had to ask to find out and I had no clue they even existed. They're also rated the lowest in Cons. Rpts. I had one in a prior car and it really was.
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By eeteacher1
on 03/18/14 21:31 PM (PDT)

I am very disappointed with the purchase of this car. I wish I'd followed my mind. Took ownership of this car in January 2013 and before I can even make the first car note, the front passenger side tire blew out. At the time I wasn't thinking. Then just last week, the driver side did same. The dealer is telling me that it's a result of the harsh weather conditions in Michigan. How they figure it is due to a cut on the side. Like many of you, I find that those Han-Hook tires are no good. They are inferior summer tires, which makes it a bad recipe for the Snow Belt. With all the complaints here, I wonder if the NHTSA is aware of these problems. I wouldn't recommend this car to any one, not even a mouse. It's very stylish on the outside, roomy inside, but this is a horrible car. I don't even want to step into it any longer.

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By whatfuture
on 07/16/14 09:18 AM (PDT)

rickpetty: There are issues with the Elantra and there are issues with other brands. There was a poll recently about GM. It asked something like after their fiasco, would you by another GM. Polls said no (that I saw). I've been trying to get the word out that the lying is the problem. I gather the industry (not just Hyundai there are better companies in my experience) looks at the price satisfying a consumer versus the cost of correcting a problem. They chose neither ... that sounds weird. Giving minor gas card reimbursement is meaningless for so many. But with the issues that I've had add on top of that the fact that they lied to the EPA and gave small refunds to a number of car owners and stopped it despite the fact that the mileage was still off and the wrong miles per gallon were still listed on their car it's amazing not more has been done by the consumer. But then again, who are we, and what's our value? Not much I'd guess (and how many car companies rate us this way - I don't know probably many and Hyundai is worse in my experience). I agree with your last line in your comment, "... SO WHAT ELSE are they lying about." I've wondered the same thing due to the continuing issues. The reality maybe nothing but the car is far from being decently built. I don't know about your statement about its lack of work due to being made in Korea. I'd want to see where you get that. When blue collar jobs and creating cars went out of our country, cars were made en Mexico and elsewhere. It didn't change the value. Poor running cars and bad customer service did. Last statement: When you read things on the internet, you have got to take each review carefully. Some may be just revenge, some may be to inform and warn others, some may be to offset negative reviews. It's no longer what existed years ago - a slam dunk look at an unbiased mag and buy the car they recommend. Ah, those were the days. Impreza: Infamously hard seats. We had a number of Subarus. We test drove one prior to buying the Elantra and that had not changed. It's a better made car (I believe even with Hyundai's part ownership) but not at the cost of one's back going in spasms. But on the positive side, a couple got over 150k miles. The third was sold privately and is likely still going strong.

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By rickpettry
on 02/23/14 18:47 PM (PST)

Hyundai marketed the Elantra at 40 MPG'S> when In reality it gets about 35 MPG"S. I bought a 2012 Elantra based on the 40 MPG"S quoted. this car was suppose to save me up to $120.00 a month in gas. my last car cost me $58.00 a week to drive and so dose the Elantra. it is uncomfortable loud poor handeling. and has a poor stereo system. you can also find other poor reviews on Edmondson.com. facebook, and other sites just type in Elantra reviews.. Hyundai compairs the Elnatra to the Honda Civic. at a higher price tag than the civic. after resently driving other cars I found the elantra to be in a lower class such as the Mazda 3. the Corolla. and the Dodge Dart at about $16,000.00 which is a lot lower price tag of the Elantra. try driving each of these cars first. Hyundai dose offer the 100.000 mile warranty. you will need it. as where the Corolla dosent need a big warranty because it will get you up to 250,000 mile on that car alone . if you want a more comfertable car at the price of the Elantra . Drive the Subaru Impreza. at about the same sticker price, and MPG'S. The Impreza also is a all wheel drive and has a lot more features. like a awesome stereo system. and a great ride. don't just take it from me. Do the research and drive a few cars. take your time. Also talk to some other dealers about the poor trade in value of the Hyundai, They all told me that because the car is made in Korea the car has no real trade in value. My Elantra is only worth half of the sticker value. at only 2 years old and only 25,000 miles on it. AND REMEBER Hyundai LIED ABOUT THERE MILEGE. SO WHAT ELSE are they lying about.. I have over 15 years in the automotive industry and I know cars'.....

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By whatfuture
on 02/11/14 10:38 AM (PST)

I understand the averages take the review to a 3 star. I'd rate them a 2 star. Reliability, bad tires, cheap batteries and if you look at the back bumper on various Elantras (just returned from the dealer), the bumper is a little off on one side like it was knocked but left no mark. It's just another quality addition by Hyundai.

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By longo2
on 02/08/15 11:00 AM (PST)

Honda has a "Massive" fine against it right now (March 2015) for not reporting all the injuries and fatalities of their exploding shrapnel firing air bags. My HOnda is still on the waiting for the parts to come in list now for over 3 months and no solution in sight. But get this! Honda actually sent us a warning not to let anyone sit in the passenger seat until the repairs can be made! Toyota include a stick on warning label to put on the seat saying the same thing. all this BS is to give them a legal out when someone else gets killed or mutilated by the exploding air bag...they can now say with a shrug..well, not our fault, we warned them! I hope this doesn't work out well for them or else all cars with come with a warning label not to sit in the seats ..and if you do, we will not be responsible for anything that ever happens.

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By whatfuture
on 03/31/14 10:48 AM (PDT)

rickpetty: I did the research as I have on all my cars. You have 15 years in the car industry and I'm almost 60 years old and have owned more cars than you. A neighbor recently asked me when I told her about her 1995 Honda Civic LX, "How do you know so much about cars." Sorry, but we're even. Lets look at reality. How many recalls has GM, Ford, and other car companies had recently? Answer this - how long did GM report knowing about the airbag failure that killed people before being forced into a recall? I know Hyundai lied and the EPA did not do its job (but I always take off 10% from their estimates) and I know the dealerships contain mostly people who don't care about the customer anymore. It's the newer American way. I also test drove five cars not four as CR recommends. god knows I'm not defending Hyundai and I've looked at trading it in already. You know the rule of thumb is you lose 20% as soon as you drive a new car off the lot. The problem is for what? Hondas (the Civic EX and FIT) also have horrible seats and I suffered from them after just test driving them. Subaru ... after three, it was time to say ta-ta but we test drove a sedan Impreza anyway and the seats hadn't changed. VW Bug is way overpriced. eeteacher1: When you buy a new car (assuming you ended up with the xxx# Optimos), they come with bad tires. You're in the snow belt and I'm in Asheville, I agree the tires are absolutely lousy as they were on each new car I've bought based on CR. I don't want my Elantra either and I bought the Ltd. I can't afford to get rid of it right now. I think the NHTSA has more to do with crash test results, so you won't hear from them. Hyundai does everything and anything it can to get out of making good repairs under warranty. All I can say is that I bitch about every car I get (after consuming CR each time :) ). But Hyundai/Kia take the cake. I wish the company would crash and burn. I emailed CR saying I think they made their first bad mistake with their review on this car. This was within one month of owning the car. The problem is also, what car is available that won't kill my back? Nothing in this class for sure. I looked. I test drove. There's nada. Loved the Passat and it's too big. I owned three (count them - 3) Subarus and different ones - 1996, 1997, and 2004. The 1996 was my partner's and the 1997 mine. They eat gas. I don't need AWD and they have the worst and most uncomfortable seats of any vehicle I owned. Within a week of buying the 2004, I drove an hour away to try to find a carseat to help me. Nothing was there and I lived right outside NYC. I'm still looking for that massive lawsuit against this company. The problem is there would have to be massive lawsuits against Toyota, Honda, Ford, GM, and the list is endless. I also remember killer (literally) tires put on some "American" car. What happened to them? Nothing compared to the people that company killed.

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