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100,000+ NO PROBLEMS ! Still Going!!

Drifus, 07/25/2003
GSi 2dr Hatchback
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This car has been no trouble. For less than 5 years old and 100000 + its been great. I have replace tires once, spark plugs once. Regular oil changes. This car has never been serviced other then what was mentioned. I have driven this car hard the whole time. (Shifting at 5500 rpms most of the time) If it can endure me like this car has I call it either a fluke or a great car. This car was in Minnesota for 4 years of its life and was wonderful in the snow.

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My first car, and 7 years later I may get another (99 accent)

thomson85, 05/09/2012
L 2dr Hatchback
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My very first car, 1998 Hyundai Accent hatchback. I used an abused this car. Got it used with 80k and drove it up and down California; constantly going form Sacramento to San Diego and back and had 130k at the end. I'd rally, race, 130MPH on the freeway (downhill); I abused it. Only repair ever needed was a clutch replacement. I was a dumb 18 year old and at 19 I got rid of the car (junk yard) due to crashing it two times. My neglect, not the cars, it even drove to the junk yard. The hood wouldn't shut all the way from when I smacked into a curb doing 45mph, and the radiator was leaking due to rust from me never putting coolant in it, but just tap water. I wish I treated it better! :(

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The Green Monster

Edwin Ramos , 11/21/2019
L 2dr Hatchback
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I just had to get rid of my car due to some idiot in a pickup truck ran it to me when he didn't stop on time and also because it was raining. Best little car ever, I had it for almost 4 years and never gave me any problems at all. A real gas saver too, about 30 miles per gallon. Not built for speed but for economy, the only good thing about it is that now I might get me a new one. I would rather use my little old car than my wife's new SUV anytime. A lot of people put this cars down, don't know why but they're wrong. These cars are really good and dependable is you keep good care of them.

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Winter Beater

EricXJR37, 12/06/2009
GS 2dr Hatchback
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I bought this car at 284 000km , it has done its time , i paid 400$ only as a winter car. I have a RWD 320hp car in the summer , but i really like driving the Accent , there's no performance to it really , i have it as a 5spd manual and i really love it , it heats quick , handles corners well , so overall for a 1998 and the kms that's on it it doesn't burn oil and its tough.

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A good car at first

pebbles, 10/09/2002
L 2dr Hatchback
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A good car at first, but then started to have major problems after 3 1/2 years of having it. The transmission went out. Right now I am looking to get a more reliable vehicle. My advice to whoever buys this car is to buy the new ones that is "1999 and up with the warranty of 100,000 miles for 10 years, whichever comes first. Do not buy this car that does not have that warranty because you will be in the same sort of situation I am currently in.

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