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2002 Honda Passport
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2002 4WD Honda Passport

Jody, 04/11/2007
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Except for substantial wind noise, and some body integrity issues, this has been a fairly reliable vehicle. I just got new tires and it has improved greatly. It runs great in the 4WD mode for heavy snow. The front seat seems to "fade" and needs adjusting fairly regularly. Gas mileage is average for a midsized SUV. Before I got new tires, it seemed to have several rattles, but this is improved with new rubber. I would recommend replacing the tires before you need to. There is plenty of room in the back seat, and lots of storage when rear seats are folded down. I intend to keep it til it dies, much to the chagrin of the mechanics. They don't like to work on them.

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Thought I had a good Deal

berndie10, 03/09/2010
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I liked my car when purchased & thought this is a good car; turned out to be a bummer.After only 4 months the transmission is not shifting properly & the closed system makes it impossible to check fluid level. What a bummer.

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Starting problem

bsox, 07/31/2011
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I have had my passport for 6 yrs. I love it. I have had no problems except for now. I have 92,000 mi. on it & ow there is a starting problem. The car starts then imediatley stalls, the 2nd. time I start it , it starts right up. No mechanic can figure it out & no ingine lite is on. I was told it could be an ignition switch or a fuel pump relay. Has anyone had this problem? It doesn't matter if it is cold or hot . I still get 18 to 21 mpg.

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I Love My Passport

SUVLover, 11/17/2002
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I've driven my passport for a long time now. No problems and its been incredible to drive. Smooth, powerful engine, looks great and handles like a sports car

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I have owned this for ONLY 2 months and,

jerry, 06/15/2006
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I've already had to buy a battery and change a 300.00 dollar transmission part its a car that wont last in the long run. it looks nice on the outside. Terrible on gas. hard to find parts ask around you will see!!!!!!

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