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2nd review-crash result

carlonz, 12/30/2012
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I submitted a review previously, just after purchasing my new 12 civic. I thought I should submit another after recently totaling it. It was a great car, in fact I have replaced it with the same exact model and color. Whats important to know is that I was hit (t-boned) on the passenger side at about 35 mph. Side impact air bags went off and car spun 180 degrees. I walked away with only a bruise to my right foreman, no other bruisers, breaks or next day sorenss, with the driver and passenger seating areas fully intact. It's not often someone submits a review on safety in a real world incident. Above and beyond its strengths and weaknesses, this car is built for safety. Thank you Honda.

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Lesser of the evils

dannerd, 07/07/2012
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I based my car buying decision on my experience with owning an assortment of different beaters, and that this time I was going to buy something new. Out of all the beaters I've owned, Hondas always got the best gas mileage, were the cheapest to fix, were easy to sell. If you read the bashing reviews for the 2012 civic, you'll notice the gripes are mostly about the cheap interior plastic and road noise. If you compare the reviews to other competitors like the 2012 focus or elantra, they are having serious issues involving the transmission, and check engine lights coming on recent to the purchase of the vehicle. That should tell you something. No car is perfect, but Honda seems to get close.

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wow!!! impressive!!! got our $$ worth!

bnward1988, 05/16/2011
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Was looking to downsize with an economical vehicle and had looked at many other economy cars (mazda 3, hyundai sonata, toyota corolla) before looking at Honda's Civic. Have been impressed with the engine's performance...Living in Co. thought we'd have to buy a standard to provide more power to drive over the mountain hwy, yet, was impressed during the test drive..that we bought an automatic and have not been disappointed. Enjoying the interior layout! Feel we're getting our $$'s worth and if we decide to trade in later, we know that we'll get a better trade in value compared to other vehicles.

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The Best Yet

nmskies, 12/27/2011
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I have owned seven Civics: an 83 hatchback, a 91 DX sedan, a 95 hatchback, a 99 LX sedan, an 05 hybrid, an 07 EX coupe and now, my 12 EX Coupe. I loved my 07, and I believe the 12 is an upgrade on the gen 8. What has improved? I like the softened lines, the road noise has decreased, and the A pillar blind spot has been eliminated by thinning the pillars. Streaming music through Bluetooth from my iPhone is incredible. The quality of the Bluetooth is exceptional. I don't believe the dash is busy at all. The control buttons for the iMid on the steering wheel are intuitive and extremely ergonomic. I have never had a problem with my Civics, and I expect the same from this one.

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LOVE this car!

shootingstar3, 04/24/2012
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I wasn't even going to look at this car due to poor reviews, but my hubby had to take his CRV in for service and I was killing time browsing the lot, sat in one, drove it, loved it and traded my 07 RAV4 on the spot. Super glad I did! Don't understand the knocks this car is getting. Over the last month, I drove a Prius, Fiesta, Focus, Elantra, Mazda3, VW GTI, and Volvo C30(loved that one, but $$), and ruled them all out. Was just going to keep the RAV until this car. It is comfy, sporty, and OMG, the mileage! I just filled it for the first time and got 35mpg in TOWN people! This is an automatic and not a hybrid. It rides smoother than my RAV and handles great. Not a rocket, but adequate power

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No more Hondas for me!

ravfjr, 05/30/2014
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This is my 3rd civic, and will be my last Honda. It appears that Honda has (sadly) taken the road to greed by offering an inferior product for profit. At 500 miles the traction control unit failed, then at 13,000 miles the A/C unit wouldn't work, followed by an emission control failure at 15,000 miles. The car is extremely noisy and uncomfortable to drive. The stereo is one on the worst I've ever heard. I really can't believe this car is a Honda product.

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2012 Civic

virgie, 09/01/2011
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We bought a 2012 Honda Civic back in June. It is just my husband and myself and we decided to downsize. We had a 2003 Chevrolet Impala. We were disappointed with the service we got from the Impala. I was interested in buying a Toyota Corolla. My daughter has a 2004 Corolla and has gotten excellent service. For example she still has the original battery. The Corolla has only had to have routine service work (oil changes, brakes, and tires). When the time came to ditch the Impala we had trouble finding Corolla's. So we went and looked at Civics. I loved the dash inside the car. I love the Econ. feature. We loved the way the car handles.

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Forget Consumer Reports

subarubiker, 01/02/2013
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The fact that Honda only made slight changes to the Coupe for 2013 shows the 2012 was a great car. I have a Dyno Blue Coupe EX with the 5-speed manual, absolutely stunning and sporty looking. This is my first manual car and I love it; it has a smooth-shifting stick and a very easy to modulate clutch that's a breeze in traffic. It gets great mileage on regular gas, getting 28mpg combined in winter temperatures with snow tires. The ride is a bit loud, but it handles very well and is a big upgrade over the past Civics with the handy i-Mid and the great 7-speaker sound system. Seats are very comfy! The only thing that lacks in the Civic is winter handling- winter tires transformed my Civic.

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Cameron, 01/21/2019
EX 2dr Coupe (1.8L 4cyl 5A)
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I bought my Civic coupe pre-owned with 54k miles. Over the course of the past 2.5 years I have driven it quite a bit. Odo is currently at 113k and she has never required any repairs other than general maintainence. The only lights I've seen lit up on the dash are the TPMS and low fuel light. The car is a great value and has plenty of tech considering it's almost 8 years old. Bluetooth connectivity is easy, but callers have a hard time understanding me while I'm driving at highway speeds. The stereo is nothing to sneeze at. 360w and 7 speakers is more than enough for a two door coupe. It's loud but bass is a bit lacking for me, considering it has a sub in the back window sill. Comfort is an easy 5 out of 5. I'm six foot but can easily sit comfortably in the back seat. The trunk on the other hand is a bit on the small side, but the rear seats do fold almost flat. Fuel milage combined for me is about 31, mostly highway miles ranging between speeds of 75-90. Not shabby. Only complaints I have are minor. With only 140hp and and the 5spd auto, the car is quite frankly a bit of a dog at times. I have no problems getting up to speed, but the car does feel under-powered occasionally in hilly areas. Also, the traction control cannot be disabled if the tire pressure is low enough to trip the tpms. Found that out when I got stuck in snow. Great car overall. I would recommend it to anyone!

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The 2010 Ex got even better

jabutix, 08/17/2011
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The Civic EX 2012 exceeded my expectations. It drives well and is quite responsive, making it a fun ride. Mileage got even better and the Economy button works very well for slow traffic conditions. The interior design is attractive and the accessibility to all commands makes it quite functional. It is a good buy for the money.

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