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Love it still

civic man, 08/10/2010
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I got my 03 civic in may of 03. My car now has 145,000 miles on it and the only thing I have done is change the tires, brakes, and batt. The power lock does not lock my driver door anymore but not to worried about that. I still get about 32 mpg in town and 40 on the road. I could not ask for a better first car, after 7 years I would not even think of trading it. Amazing car!

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Good car

manfrombklyn23, 08/10/2010
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Great car! After 7 years of owning this car, I have only replaced the struts, mirrors, gas cap lid cable, change draw spring and replaced washers underneath driver seat to stop it from rocking back and forth. Besides that I have done 1 tune up, change tires twice and the obvious oil changes. I figure thats all pretty normal stuff considering I am at 93,000 miles. This car has never stalled out, overheated or not started up. I would def purchase a Honda again.

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A Convert

Lockemup, 10/27/2010
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I recently purchased a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid, though I had to get rid of my ever so fun to drive G35 the car is remarkable with respect to fuel efficiency. The layout of the car is simple, just like all Hondas. The power is on the low side, but lets face, we buy these cars for one reason and that's fuel economy. I wouldn't care if I had to get out and push the car up a hill (which it almost seems like I have to do living in Upstate NY), as long as I'm getting my 50 MPG let every other car pass me on the road. I'm purchasing a new set of Cooper GFE (LRR) tires and I'm hoping to eek out a few more MPG.

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Great car for the money

mattshu, 07/17/2011
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I've owned my 2003 Civic Hybrid for 2 years now and so far its been a great car with only a few minor problems. The Good: Handles great Luxurious interior (compared to other non-luxury cars) Extremely quiet 45mpg The bad: Transmission fluid needs changing every 2 years IMA battery will start to degrade after 7 years Seats are very stiff, its like sitting on a bench Overall the car performs well as a daily driver, and if you aren't looking to set Nurburgring lap records you'll be satisfied with its performance. Even though it is less reliable than a standard civic the blue book value is lower, making it a better value when you factor in the better gas mileage.

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Best Reliable car I've had!

Chris, 09/09/2016
Hybrid 4dr Sedan (1.3L 4cyl gas/electric hybrid CVT)
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Battery sucks...had battery issues before I reached 100K miles and Check engine light went on because of it. However, I wasn't going to pay 3K for replacment batteries and just ran the car without the extra HP the batteries would have given me. I still get 50 mph, and 200K miles later its still going strong. I have 310k miles on it now and runs great! Haven't really replaced anything on it except tires, oil, and struts. Everything on it is pretty much original!

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