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great car!

manso, 10/31/2006
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I have had it for a year and I have saved lots of money on gas. I have only had to do normal maintenance on it! I have peaked up to 46 miles a gallon, but stay around 39-44. (I don't pass 2500 rpms) It has treated me very well and hasn't hurt my pocket book too bad. I would recommend the standard only, it has saved me from a few tight spots that an automatic wouldn't. It has a weak engine, but it is easy to manipulate with a standard and handles well. Remember though, this is a compact so it isn't the smoothest ride nor the roomiest, but I don't mind it.

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Good Car So Far

roland, 04/06/2010
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There haven't been any major troubles about this car. I've had to replace the exhaust manifold and oxygen sensor which cost ~$200, however, that really improved fuel efficiency. Before, I was getting around 28 mpg, but after I replaced those two, I'm getting 37 mpg on the highway. Because it has a small engine the car does not accelerate fast, however, it is pretty decent. The gas is quite sensitive as it has some special fuel injection system. This is an efficient car, but the seats leave much to be desired, they are a bit stiff. I had to buy padding for them.

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A Little Disappointed

jan, 03/09/2006
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Little things on cars tend to break down when it reached 100k, this car was one of them. 106k miles and 6 years later, I had problems with the catalytic converter (I was told that this was the most common break-down for Honda cars). It cost me around $1000 to have the part, and among other things, fixed. The left speaker stopped working right after my warranty expired. The interior of the car rattled and squeeked when hitting bumps on roads. I read one of the reviews and it stated that this model was overrated, that's true. Honda doesn't make the same quality like it used to. My family bought a truck and have driven 280k miles, yet no mechanical problems; only the CD player doesn't work.

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I'm sticking with Honda

Karen, 06/24/2008
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I love this car! It goes in the snow quite well and gets great mileage. I've had this car for seven years. Problems have problems with the trim (inside/outside) heat shield keeps falling off-power windows seem to be questionable and manifold was found to have a crack in it within one week of the 80,000/8 year and was fixed for free by Superior Honda of Uniontown. The service from the dealership has been excellent. The A/C seems a little sluggish to me but all in all I expect to have this car for at least another 8 years so long as the snow and salt don't do it in first.

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Excellent Auto

Don, 06/28/2008
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Have owned this Car since March 2000. In my 8 years of ownership I have replaced the oxygen Sensor at 32,000 miles a battery at 33,000 miles and that's it. It runs beautiful and averages 35 City & 39 Highway MPG's. I had changed the Spark Plugs at 20,000 miles to Iridium Plugs, they improved mileage. I keep the car garaged and the finish is perfect and car runs perfect now at 35,500 original miles. I had taken several trips from Florida to Ohio and had registered as high as 41 MPG on several trips. If you need a reliable car and can find one of these with low miles, grab it. They run great and handle perfect on the road.

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