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Drive Train OK

Michigan, 09/10/2002
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My truck has a 454 in it so you can imagine the gas that it chugs. I like the old 454 for their cast iron blocks. However, replacing the pitman arm, left front wheel bearing, alternator, starter, water pump, hydro boost pump, rear drums, valve cover gaskets, and more to come, I think am begining to lose confidence that I can actually drive this truck "till the wheels fall off" without spending far too much on keeping it on the road.

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It was my baby!

Regina Gant, 08/09/2007
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I loved driving my truck. I drove it everywhere. I drove it from Texas to Kentucky which is 1,016 miles. I drove it from Kentucky to South Carolina which is 600 miles round trip. I loved the style of it. I loved every thing about it. Something went wrong with the front passenger side tie rods, bearings, rotaries or something cause it caused me to swirve, hit a ditch and roll. For some reason it would not come back to the left. I just came out of a right hand turn and the front passenger wheel just woudn't come back to the left for me to straighten back out in my lane.

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Last year of Good Suburbans

ProfessorRico, 10/22/2010
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I bought my SLE from the son of the original owner, who used all synthetics, and repaired everything on time. It has 155k on the clock and drives like a new one. The brakes and mileage are the only cons to this great truck. This year is the best because the dash is the flat style, no airbags, green coolant, no Bose, and no OnStar or crazy computers. This was the last year for the best dash (IMO), and a general "cheapening" of the interiors that happened post-94. The massive gas tank will get 500+ miles between fillings, the extra money for gas is well worth all of the great things about this truck! Off-road they are nearly unstoppable. Lifting it makes it the King of the 4x4's.

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Phil. (aka Dr. Phil), 03/16/2009
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The only thing I regret about my GMC selling it. I admit I had some minor problems, but it was just std. ware-n-tire 4 the miles it had. I bought it used with 120k. I rebuilt the trany at 155k, only $800. My last truck was an S-10 Xtra-cab. Great truck, needed more room 4 my 3 children. And boy we where happy! My wife didn't like it at 1st, later she fell n love. Especially after a trip from So.Cal 2 all over Texas. My State.We took our kids and a family member, some portable TV's, munchies, and all our luggage in the back and averaged about 17-18 mpg. And other vacations. Any-1 looking 4 a used GMC with a 350 I highly recommend. I just need a truck now. I hope I fine a good used 1.

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Saved our lives

cheygirl, 06/07/2010
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I have owned two 1994 suburbans. The first one I loved! It was solid and quiet and dependable. We had 300,000 miles on the engine and it still ran great. The transmission went out at 150,000. I drove it all the time everywhere. We camped in it traveled in it put lots of stuff in it. Very roomy fit four kids with no problem. Pulled horses in it. One day another SUV ran a stop sign and I hit it. The other SUV was pushed and went flying. My suburban engine and front was destroyed but nobody was even the least bit hurt. All eight of us were fine including my baby. As hard as I hit them around 60 mph I didn't even feel the crash that badly. The other vehicle didn't fare so well.

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