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just like a beautiful woman

pabelomeister, 03/13/2013
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I got this truck used with 80000. It had a bad intake gasket and got replaced. Engine has not given me any issues since. z71 4x4 is pretty dang nice, its hard to get this this thing stuck in the mud. Issue with the motor in the transfer case... but never stopped working (says service yada yada. been checked. not a big issue). basic maintenance and think I can give this vehicle to my kids (not soon either). GMC seems like a good truck with some quirks, but solid and runs when you need it. The 5.3 has some passing power, and tows like a champ. If you like your girls a little high maintenance, go on and get it. If not, then buy an old truck and forget about all the gadgets. good luck.

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R Coyle, 05/18/2010
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Bought new in late 2002 truck has been average for comfort and mileage is good. Reliability is not good to many small issue my truck only has 60k and have replaced both front wheel bearings, replaced two power window motors, had to replace sensor for ABS brakes, steering gear box and now the cluster is going bad. GM know the cluster unit is an issue but refused to help on the repair cost. I think I am going to look at the Toyota Tundra for my next truck. GM just need to have a better warranty on the little things that are always going bad on their vechiles.

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Great Truck

CJB, 08/26/2010
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I bought the truck new in 2003.I needed something for the snow and thought I would try a GMC for once.There have been no problems with the truck until the 4WD module went out at 55k miles.The truck seems to dance around in the rear end in the snow abit.havent had any problems to speak of until 85k miles when the left front hub bearing went out. Tires lasted until 68k miles and still have the original battery in it.The front/rear brakes still have 50% left and should be good until 150k miles.The interior is still solid and everything still works like the day I bought it.

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Best Vehicle I have ever Owned

Tony, 11/13/2009
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Bought truck new in 03,I have over 140K and have not had to spend $1 on repairs. Replace fluids and do proper maintenance and it runs as good as the day I bought it.Would like to buy a new truck but cannot justify replacing it as it is so reliable. I drive a lot of highway miles and get almost 19 MPG if I keep it around 70 MPH.

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my truck

wright, 05/23/2004
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The automatic dual climate control is nice, but in the auto cant seem to keep the interior as cool as you might want. The silent recall concerning the rust behind the front bumper was something I was definately unhappy about. I had to learn about it on the internet, and when I took it to two different dealers, I got a bit of the runaround. Both claimed that I had the only truck that had been brought in for this problem.

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