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Best Truck Ever

Joe K., 08/12/2009
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This truck was two years old, with 33,000 miles when I purchased it (Certified Used). I use this pickup on our family farm and to drive to work, resulting in 40K miles each year. This is the best truck, fantastic engine 5.3, great power reasonable fuel economy. No complaints with the 4WD, I use it frequently. Currently, the truck has over 200K miles, the service record is brief: 5 years old replace rear brakes (still have not replaced front brakes),6 years old replace battery just to be on the safe side, Fuel pump replaced at 175K miles, my fault for not ever replacing the fuel filter. At 180K had to replace the front UJoint. Plan to trade the truck in on a similar equipped 2008 model Sierra.

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The Professional Grade!!!!!!

mwheeler88, 03/14/2010
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My GMC Sierra is a great truck! It rides great and it handles very well. The only thing i don't like about it, is its a 2WD but I would probably never use it if i did have it and I have to say it has been the most reliable vehicle i have ever had. My dad bought it in 2002 new and gave it to me when he bought a new car. It only has 86,000 miles on it and i have to say for a truck that's not a lot. Knock on wood I have never had to take it in for any work other than to get it serviced. I don't like the gas mileage it gets 13 MPG in town but it does have the 5.3L V8 so what do you expect. But i love the truck and i hope to have it for a long time.

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casey, 10/09/2005
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I love this truck only had it a year, but 4 wheel steering should come standard on all cars and trucks.The interior is great. The look is even better!! The power of the 6 liter is awsome. Fuel mileage is not so good, but I guess you have to give up something for all the power. Theses trucks have all the bells and whistles This is truly a sports car in a truck skin! Only downside is I can't afford 2

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2 Year Old Denali

Suzcrew, 10/31/2004
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I have owned my Denali for 2 years now. Up until the warranty ran out I did not have any problems. Now problems with the drive shaft, steering, and transmission. I am have taken excellent care of my truck and wouldn't think of even getting it muddy. However, now I am thinking about trading it in on something with fewer problems. Your adverage Joe will not touch this truck for repairs. Getting parts has been impossible and even dealers can't order the right ones (parts). I love the look, the comfort, the whole package of this truck and hate to part with it. This truck gets more attention than I do!

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What happened?

groggybob, 04/04/2005
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loved the truck until exactly 40,000 miles. Right out of warranty the sun shell in the transmission wore out. Repaired it for $500 in parts myself. Non-mechanics will find no one to do it, and if they do, likely triple the cost. Also had a ticking sound like a valve from about 20,000 miles. The dealership happily checked it out and even replaced the lifters as a best guess. That lasted 100 miles and the sound returned. Seems to not affect anything and can be heard on only a few of the trucks. Unless you haul, don't get the hauling suspension. You can easily load the bed with solid rock and roll down the interstate like it wasn't even there.

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Awesome Truck!

rawannam, 12/24/2006
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I have no idea why GMC cancelled the Quadrasteer but I hope they bring it back by time I'm in the market for my next truck! It's an amazing truck, drives like a car, and you would have no idea its as big as it is being that its so nimble. Would highly recomend this truck!

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Worst truck ever

eric, 12/07/2005
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I was always a GM fan until I bought this truck.I bought it brand new and had lots of problems with it.I actually started to look forward to bringing it in the shop so I could drive their loaner vehicle. Had to replace brake pads and rotors at 34,000,had to argue to get it covered under warranty.Dont expect GM customer service to help you cuz they wont you are on your own. Replaced air conditioner compressor and condensor, could never get windows and doors to seal right. I don't have enough room to write everything here, but if you see this vehicle anywhere the best advice I can give you is to run away from it as fast as you can.I just traded this truck in on a Toyaota truck in Nov. of 05.

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GMC found after years of other brands...

grove, 06/24/2002
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Smooth power transfer of the 5.3/auto is a delight. No one in this weight class can gut with it, draws clear and away going uphill against all Ford, Toyota, or Dodge trucks/SUV's, ticks some of them off too! Tested daily on the Morongo Canyon grade in SOCAL. Owned new Ford, Toyota, and Nissan trucks over the last 20 years; this 2002 Sierra is considerably the best with Ford coming in second to others.

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StarmanT, 06/26/2002
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This is an expensive truck, but everyday I drive it, I think this is worth it. The four wheel steering is awesome - parking lots are a snap! I pulled a UHaul trailor a few days ago - first with a Toyota Sequoia, then the Denali. Everything you've read is true. I did some quick lane changes and the trailor stays right behind the truck. My hats off to GMC on this truck. Outstanding job!

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Curtis K, 06/29/2002
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This is my first GMC Truck. I was happy with the over all performance with the 5.3L motor. The large fuel tank will take us about 490 miles on the open road about 19 mpg as long as you keep your foot out of it. That is great my suv with a V6 3.2L only gets 18 mpg and is much smaller.. So buy with Confdince. but try to step up to 5.3L motor you will be glad you did.. Curtis Yucaipa, CA

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