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Reliable car

bull_gator, 10/29/2014
GT Premium 2dr Coupe (4.6L 8cyl 5M)
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Only a few problems have shown up in 107K miles. I have replaced the fuel pump, alternator, battery, tires, and suspension. Of those, only the fuel pump was unexpected. The rest are things you expect to replace. 144K mile update. Car still running strong. Since the last review, I have gone through another battery and tires.

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My First Car

Mustang04, 06/24/2010
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My parents bought this car for me for my first car. I am definitely a car person and was thrilled to get a Mustang. This car is so reliable. Every time I need to go somewhere I know that it will get me there safely. I also get excellent gas mileage. I usually get between 23 and 26 highway driving.If you take good care of your Mustang and treat it right you will not have any problems.

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Favorite Car I've Owned

automaniac9, 01/19/2014
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Bought this car with 104,000 miles on it, and wow, good car for the money. It might seem like thats high mileage, but I bought it with an extended warrenty. I bought it with many performance upgrades, and I have to say it helps this car with its performance and personality. I drove a stock 01 GT, and it felt a bit boring. The interior leaves something to be desired, but it's simple and has no extra fluff you don't need. All in all, it is a good all rounder that now a days is a good used alternantive to a brand new one.

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1st Mustang for the family

Fenderboss, 09/11/2010
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Moving to a Mustang has been an interesting experience. This is the first Mustang our family has owned and we find that there is a lot of coveting of the cars from everyone. I use it as a daily driver, and my commute is a joy covering 20 miles on some twisty country back roads. There is very little we don't enjoy about the car. That said, there are probably better interiors out there as well as fuel economy, but these shortcomings are more than compensated for when it comes to the overall experience of driving a proper American muscle car.

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My Mustang gets 22.23 MPG over two years

Shirley, 04/25/2010
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My Mustang gets 22.23 MPG over two years. This is a fact. I've kept careful and accurate records. Regular gas. I don't remember which coupe I have. It's the anniversary issue. Red. I love it.

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40th Anniversary

Randraven, 07/09/2004
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I bought the 40th Anniversary Edition 5 speed Coupe and I love it...Its got leather, Mach 1000 sound,all the goodies.It had 5 miles on it a 4 days ago, Now I'm at 300. I almost slept in it last night...Seriously though, Buy the right car and it is "True Love".I could'nt have made a better choice.

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Super Pony Car !

beate, 11/09/2011
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This is my first Mustang, first convertible and first V6 ! I really wanted a convertible, and it really is great ! You actually feel good sitting in and driving the car, and it is spunky enough for a sports car. Really enjoyable, the interior is really pretty, all leather. My 8 year old girl iis overjoyed, and myself being 50 I really have a great time driving it, with or without the top down. Used to have a 5 liter Capri back in the 80s, and although that had a lot more power this newer Mustang is much more comfortable to drive. Gas mileage for this V6 is pretty good ! Beate, Frederick, MD

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don't listen to any discuraging adults

darren, 01/24/2010
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I am a 20 year old man. I bought a mustang last year just after my 19 birthday. I always wanted a mustang all my life.And when the day came that my parents let me make my own decisions i was the extremely happy. No matter what people say about mustangs and believe me i have heard them all The car is absolutely top notch. Insurance is not too bad and I the fuel economy is actually pretty good especially if you have a standard Use the same amount of gas as a v6 engine just as a hyundai tiburon V6 which i actually traded in for the stang. To sum it up: Car is great, fun to drive, good on gas, good car for a 18-25 year old due to insurance. Have fun you only get fora couple ofyears due to marige

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Bought in 2018 - only 4,700 miles

Lee, 08/29/2018
Mach 1 2dr Coupe (4.6L 8cyl 5M)
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A true classic, I has lucky to find a 2004 Mach 1 with less than 5kmi (in Competition Orange). My first car was a 1969 Mach 1 in high school. So this is coming full circle for me. I have owned a 1985 GT, and a 1993 Cobra as well. The power on the Mach 1 is good, even by today's standards. The very low gearing makes it feel faster, but you really need 6 gears, as the drop between 4th and 5th is ridiculous, and does limit the fun factor and usability. The springs are very stiff, 600lb/in F, 250lb/in rear, verses the GT's 450lb/in F for example. The stiff springs, with the factory installed subframe connectors, AND stiff Tokico gas shocks, make for a punishing ride on the crappy roads we have in the US now. But the payoff is the amazingly tight handling. Very rewarding. The other obvious drawback is the horribly notchy shifter/transmission. My car has the Steeda shifter, so it removes the factory sloppiness, but the 1985 to ~2010 Tremec transmissions were just horrible, as far as refinement goes. Of course the best thing about the Mach 1 is the looks, just tremendous, and what makes it complete is the shaker hood. This great heritage touch is the reason they are so popular then and now. Back to the engine for a moment, since this was a Mach1-only engine, never used in another car, make it another reason for continued favor and collectabilty. And the 5-speed cars also get a forged crank, with a much higher redline of 6,700 rpm. So in summary, the Looks, Handling, & Engine make the 2003-2004 Mach 1 a forever classic.

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My 3.9L

whitefeather85, 02/24/2009
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We had a choice between a few beautiful 'stangs and bought this '04 40th anniversary edition. Fully loaded with a Mach stereo system. I upgraded the air filter, plugs and oil which made a major difference. I run at least 25-28 mpg, even going 80+mph. It handles very well, drove through a wy. winter storm and stuck to the road. Gotta love my 3.9L!

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