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Just keeps going and going.....

f1504eva, 12/13/2012
XLT 2dr Regular Cab LB
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The more I read the horror stories of new and late model vehicles, the more I love my 1994 F150. At 18 yrs old (with reg maint) it just never lets me down. Its nothing fancy and i do use it for what it was intended for, but with just regular maint, it doesnt cost me a fortune to operate. It is a 5 litre V8 XLT 2wd reg cab with an 8 ft box and is my daily driver and I just love the design of the 1992-96 F150s. l also love the looks of the 04 and later F150s, but after reading consumer reviews here on Edmunds, i think I'll stick to my 'Ol Reliable trusty "94. Just like they say....they dont make 'em like they used to. Old Fords never die, they just keep going and going.....

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One tough Ford

jtalabama, 12/23/2014
XLT 2dr Regular Cab SB
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I just received this truck 2 days before thanksgiving. It was towed to my house by flatbed after sitting 8 years in a field. The truck ran when it was parked in December of 06 after the owner had a stroke and then passed away. After making the determination that the 4.9L (300 cid) engine would turn over, I started to work on cleaning it up, giving a good tune up and replacing the fuel tanks, fuel pumps, and sending units as well as all the hoses, and belt. A new battery, a set of new tires, the truck cranked right up and has been excellent to run. After 500 miles, I drained the oil, and it looked just as clean as it was the day I put it in.

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One Tough Truck

ladogman, 04/08/2009
XL 2dr Regular Cab LB
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I'm a professional dog trainer, i have an 8 hold dog topper mounted on the truck with dry storage and a 15 gallon water tank. I also tow behing this truck a 4 hole dog trailer which also carries my four wheeler and other gear. The 300 inline v6 is remarkable, alot of trainers are amazed at my trucks capabilities. I would not trade my truck for no other truck out there. I just wish i would have bought one with four wheel drive.

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Real Good Old Truck

rpage, 09/20/2003
XLT 2dr Regular Cab LB
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I have 195000 miles on this truck.I have the oil changed at 3 to 5 thousand miles.I have owned this truck nearly 8 years.I drive it every day.It gets 19 & 20 mpg.Chevy owners don't believe me when I tell them the milage I get.I don't take real good care of this truck.But it has been the best truck I have ever owned.I will keep this truck until it just quits going.My oldest granddaughter wants it when I get tired of it.She may have to wait a while longer though.

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The truck you need to git-r-done

greentland, 12/09/2005
XLT 2dr Regular Cab LB
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I'm a landscape contractor and have used this truck as the workhorse of my business. The 5.0l V8 gives me all the power I need to tow 6000 pounds with confidence. I love the appearance of these trucks. They just look cool ... period. I will admit however that she's got a bit of a sweet tooth for gasoline. I'm talkin' 15 mpg down hill with a stiff tail wind. That goes down to 11 mpg with a trailer. I tell ya though, in the unlikely event that it took a dump tomorrow, I'd go out and find another just like it. P.S. I dressed it up a little with a 16" stainless air horn ... just for that little somthin' extra!

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