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Steve, 11/11/2005
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I find my Viper to be the perfect cure for today's cookie cutter vehicles. The exterior design is as elegant as it is outrageous. More car companies should be so bold as to take such a chance on applying creative design elements. That said, the interior pays a slight price for maintaining the aggressive outer appearance. The drivers footwell is perticularly tight. A small price to pay considering a quick stab at the throttle forgives all.

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sweet, 05/13/2002
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I have one and it is very fun to have one

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I knew it!

viper crazy, 08/04/2009
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I knew what I was getting when I bought it. For those of you who want a Vette don't buy a Viper. This car is fast, rude and no it doesn't get good gas mileage. I thank god for all of it. It's worth putting gas in every few miles. The looks on peoples faces are worth an academy award. The Corvettes I've owned would hide in the corner when this car goes by. I am highly pleased with this beast. The gts-r wing and ground effects makes this ACR look like a hot wheels car. So if you are man or woman enough, buy one, and don't whine about the gas mileage or ride. My wife loves it.

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Chris Mann, 10/12/2002
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It was great to drive

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LETS GET IT ON!ooofa,ooofa,KABLAM!

masteroftimeandspace, 10/06/2003
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love this vehicle,so does the rest of the world.? else compares?The most bang for the buck re; pricier sports cars and its American.I don't expect it to be a Cadillac Fleetwood 4dr as far as comfort goes.Anyone must realize that before purchasing,I should not expect it to be a Honda Accord when it comes to service or reliability issues either.I believe all citizens should be provided one through a constitutional amendment.I would never pay more for an import that has less visual impact and weak performance,just because it's made in Germany or wherever.And I'm of Bavarian descent.USA all the way baby!What a car the RT/10 is.Impress yourself!!I want a GTS/ACR too!!

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a rush to your senses

delldude, 03/18/2003
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Only thing you can say is WOW! What a RUSH! and with all that power very easy to drive. Only thing to worry about is the other cars straining for a closer look (and wanting you to get on it) And the feeling of supremacy knowing only those that pass you are doing so only because you let them.

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The good, bad, and ugly.

brett_summerer, 06/08/2003
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Bought my car 4/02. Took 3 months to wipe the grin off my face. By 9/02 it had been in the shop more than 30 days, and I've now filed for the lemon law. Build quality and comfort are atrocious, but I still love driving it every now and again. Loved owning it, can't wait to get rid of it.

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One of the best cars out there!

JJSVIP, 03/19/2002
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This car is the ipitimy of the cars on the road, short of modern Ferrari's and Lamborghini of course. But how many of these cars are on the road though. The Viper is the same, with only roughly 1500 units a year. But this car is a blast to drive. And you can leave for a short trip in it without someone yelling or almost breaking their necks to get another look. Contrary to magazine reviews, this car is quite confortable as a daily driver and a very easy car to drive.

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Rich Bridenstine, 02/01/2016
RT/10 2dr Roadster (8.0L 10cyl 6M)
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I bought mine new over 17 years ago. I love it every time I drive it. These cars are not a finesse car, not an orchestra on wheels, they are a brute brass ,straight line band from middle America. Fun classic style. I have had more than one other popular American sports car owner pull up and say "that's what I really wanted". I haven't done that one yet. That isn't why I bought it. Just glad to have mine. It's not a creature comfort car, yet is very comfortable. When ya hammer it, they "scream out loud". Between 2500-3500r's in second gear it is a pin job, now that is fun because if you are nice you can keep the tires from launching. I think that may have been where the saying comes from? They are a no BS car that does exactly what you think they should and want to do. Can't hurt them, unless ya curb or stack 'em. Iacocca, possibly, did his best work when he unleashed Tom Gale and his team on this project. Time and HP has caught up almost 20 years later. For a great "experienced" gal now, no one laughs at her, she is still my prom queen...anytime. All quality and style.

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