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My truck

dan, 05/26/2010
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I bought my truck when I was 19. I put 75,000 miles on it. I sold it at 175,000 miles driving her from Phoenix, az. To San Diego, ca. To Austin, tx to Houston, tx. & to Kansas City, mo. I hauled cars on trailers around az. & tx. I also hauled my stuff in the bed from Phoenix to Austin. I drove the hell out of that truck going 100 mph+ from Phoenix to San Diego. Of course I took it off road and raced some cars & trucks on occasion. I did the work on it myself & she had all the power, towing capability, & even drove her while I delivered pizzas at domino's. I could pull 16-18 mpg in town. I can't own another truck now, since she was easy to work on, had enough power and towing, & I could scare little cars too.

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Not As Many Problems As Others

Jose Perales, 05/08/2010
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My dad bought this truck in 2001 and we haven't had to replace anything but the water pump, and we had to fix the AC. Other than that, the truck has run great. The clear coat on the paint is chipping off but what do you expect it's been a while. Fuel economy is better than our newer 2005 Ram. It hauls a full load of roofing waste material almost every weekend easily. The truck is great.

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A real truck

ramfan86, 09/28/2010
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I've had my ram for a while now and I absolutely love it. It's like a tank, nothing stops it. If you want good fuel economy buy a prius not a full-size truck. If you compare the 1500 to a diesel then you're a retard because of course there is no comparison. Diesels aren't all they are cracked up to be either, had one, didn't care for it. My paint peeled but hello, it's 2010, it's a twelve year old truck, that's actually pretty good. Never had any tranny or engine or suspension issues. Break's don't last so stop whining. (buy a prius). Put a nice exhaust, bigger tires, and murder it out and you have the toughest looking truck ever!

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Top Dog

abichard, 01/21/2012
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This is the 5th dodge ihave bought of this body style. The auto trans dodge missed on but with the 5 speed this truck is the best truck you can buy. Good power, great towing, and comfortable. I drive this truck every where. bought at 192k and at almost 300k now. Back seat is kinda small but I dont ride back there my gear does "firefighter". I put this truck through hell and back and keeps going strong. As for steering and all the little stuff people complain about if you maintance your truck, car, boat what ever like you should this problems will never come around. Buy A Dodge!!!

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Best truck ever

Tearin up chevy's, 01/01/2009
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This truck has been amazing since new. I pull goosenecks loaded down cross the midwest and drive this truck everyday. It now has over 400,000. Suggest buying this model over any of the other full size trucks made.

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