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Good Truck

Maddog, 07/25/2008
12 of 12 people found this review helpful

Bought this truck used and it now has 115,000 miles on the 3.9 V-6. The truck does not use any oil and runs well. The 5 speed manual has nice gear spacing and is easy to use. I average 18-19 around town and 20-22 on the highway. The quad cab is useful and it does what I need it to do. Good truck Dodge!

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Operator398, 08/02/2010
17 of 18 people found this review helpful

I purchased this truck new, and have done the maintenance. (4.7 V8, automatic) It's the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. 148,000 miles and counting. Cost per mile for maintenance and repairs is only $0.025. 19.6 MPG since the day I bought it(I have a soft tonneau on it). It still looks good and has no squeaks or rattles. I'm very happy with this truck.

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Best vehicle I've owned

Roger vlietstra, 04/26/2010
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I bought this truck new in 2002 and have loved it all the while. Only had to replace an o2 sensor. My previous truck was an Isuzu and the Dakota is a million times better. I haul welders, tools and a trailer, so it gets used. I expect to get another 8 years out of it. I get about 13 mpg with tools in and about 17 mpg empty. I put an extra leaf spring in it to help haul the weight which was a great idea.

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Overall a Great Truck

markbg, 03/31/2010
7 of 7 people found this review helpful

Bought new in '02. Love the looks of this model year and still get compliments on it. Great versatility for hauling cargo and misc. stuff in the bed and comfortable enough to fit four adults or family in the cab. It's been a reliable vehicle, but one thing I'd do over is opt for the larger engine. Same or better mileage with the V8 and better performance. Still a wonderful truck!

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big time

snakebite, 03/21/2002
7 of 8 people found this review helpful

this is the best truck you can buy!!!! i have 33 in super swampers on mine and it will climb thing up side down (figuritavily speeking)!! Im so happy i got my dodge; now im no affraid to drive in the rain, sleet, smow, wind, or hail. i have no worries! I have used my truck for every thing from pulling out a couple F-350's and some Chevy's here and there. but i also go offroading (mostly mud bogging and rockclimbing)and hunting with it. it has never been suck and it had been to the doors in mud (3 feet about)all i need now is some air lockers for the rock climbing!! and there comeing!

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Bogey69, 10/14/2010
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Best truck I have owned yet. Went looking for a new one this summer and was not happy. They have nothing like this out there. Ford and Chevy gave up making Rangers and S-10's. Toyota has a smaller interior. This truck has been excellent in upper Michigan. In snow and off road it handles like a champ. Never had any major issues yet and has been a joy to drive. I plan on keeping it for another 80K. Why spend money on the new junk! The 4.7l V8 really goes and has tons of power that can tow a 24 ft trailer with no problem.

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i give it 8 gold medals

kylenewc, 07/18/2009
3 of 3 people found this review helpful

Not only is this the best mid size truck ever, no other comany has anything like it. powerful,fun,sound,comfort,room,and 4X4 is all amazing. to all the complainers about fuel millage, take a full size truck for a spin and tell me if its any better. the truck has given me some minor problems that about any truck would have.

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Could have been

Nate, 10/15/2009
4 of 5 people found this review helpful

I've had the 4.7L for 8 years and as a whole it has been decent. I like the ride comfort, roominess of the cab, power and the 4wd in the snow. However, the front end has been painful to maintain. Seems that it always has issues whether it be ball joints, cv joints, flex hoses, calipers seizing up, various bushings needing replacement, etc. The calipers have actually seized 3 times. Crazy. Without the front-end problems this would have been the best vehicle I've ever owned. Since this is not the case, the '83 Subaru GL 4wd I had in college still reigns supreme.

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Great truck

fast, 04/05/2002
2 of 2 people found this review helpful

Great truck i love to drive it ,it drives like a car.I was going to buy a SUV, like a Jeep Liberty or explorer,but this is like a SUV but with a bed for stuff!Its been a gas hog so far 2000 miles avg 14mpg with a v6 5speed thats almost all highway!I got to bring it to dealer to see if somthins wrong i suspect a vacume leak ,i hear a whistling at 2000rpm think its somthing everyting else 4x4s great.

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one tough truck

mailman, 04/30/2002
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I bought this truck for the 4 door mid- size, having kids when I need to haul. Love the way it rides, but it will jump up if you go fast over a bump, it may lose control. I have the maroon paint which looks nice, but all scratches show, so I would change colors next time. Had a linex liner sprayed in back, excellent. No problems yet, knock on wood.

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