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2nd Sebring

shayne3, 09/03/2011
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My first Sebring was the convertible Custom. Loved that car. bought it with only 20,000 miles on it. My husband and I took long trips with it and I can honestly say that when my husband left me for my best friend; I wasn't thinking too9 clearly. I totaled it. That car SAVED my life. When it came time to get another car I immediately went in search for another one. I found one that had been maintained. It has 157,000 miles on it and many of the things that were someone else s were already done. It gets 35 mpg on the highway and mid twenties city. It does have electrical problems, but there tolerable. Trunk can decapitate you, and I need new struts. She does leak fluids at times.

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not bad

male28, 03/08/2009
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not a bad car at all. bought it with 95,000 miles have put 20,000 on it myself an it still hasnt left me stranded. isnt the fastest car in the world but from a rolling 35 itll pick up speed quick, youll be doing 90 n not even realize it, very smooth. im 6'3 an i have plenty of room, i just cant have anyone sit behind me. front wheel drive but stinks in the snow, great on wet roads. brakes and tranny are suspect, but nothing to make me want to get rid of it. i can honestly say ill probly have this car for a loooong looong time, even when the engine goes, ill put another 1 in it.

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Fast & Smooth

miamah, 04/06/2014
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I bought a JXI in 2008 and it has run beautifully in all sorts of weather. No snow, I live in the Sunbelt. Can cruise at better than 75 mph and still get over 30 mpg. For those that have problems with their dash lights, gauges, etc. I solved it easily by waiting for to warning bells to go off before cranking the starter. A few extra seconds and never had the problem again. Yes, I had to replace the trunk lift shocks, rear window motor, struts & bushings but for a 15 yr. old car I shouldn't complain. The car has beautiful styling and the original paint is as NEW!

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Best Bang fot the BUCK!!!

dcumba, 06/28/2014
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I purchased this car 6 months ago for only $900. I have driven this car daily since the purchase. 2 weeks after purchasing it, the transmission went into limp mode. I spent $300 purchasing a used transmission and another 300 to have it put in. I have not had any problems since then. There are other mechanical things that I need to fix, but these are things that were wrong with the car when I first purchased it. This car is amazing. I have not had a car that has been as economical, fun to drive, and reliable as this has been. The two mechanical problems that I spoke of earlier are the lower control arms for both driver and passenger side. There are no other problems with this car.

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Never waste your money on this car

jazzielola, 12/04/2011
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99 Chrysler sebring convertible never waste your money or time on this car, I bought this car with 150K miles October of 2010 and paid 5200$. Came December 2010 it needed freez plugs however when they took the motor out the mounts were so bad they fell apart(total cost 1900$). From January 2011 until December 2011 I have replaced brakes(more than once), timing belt, water pump, starter, battery(more than once), altinator, crankshaft sensor, coil pack, and rollers. Total cost for repairs and labor more than 3200$ I would NEVER get this car again nor recommend it to any one if you see a 99 Chrysler Sebring Convertible on a car lot run the other way. The only pro of this car is the body.

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