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I must've been one of the lucky ones

dbusterplus, 01/10/2013
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I've heard nothing but horrible things about the 2.7, yet I've never experienced nearly the amount of hardships anyone else seems to have with this engine. My wife (fiance at the time) bought this car in July '04 with 31k miles on it. It's been nothing short of a workhorse for us. Of course at around 50k miles, the check engine light came on, and looking around online, I found tons of reports of the dreaded engine sludge fiasco, but it seems mine was a later 2001 model that avoided this issue. The light turned out to be for an emission issue that didn't affect how well the car ran. Now, in 2013, nearing 150k miles, I still drive it 60 miles a day with minimal upkeep.

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freakin great ride!

joe436, 08/04/2013
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My concord has 350,000 kilometers on her and she purrs like the first day she was purchased. regular fluid changes and minor undercarridge replacements, other than that, its very quick for a large car, best car I ever had, hope to make it to 500,000 ks at least.

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This car is worth it

Big Daddy, 06/07/2010
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I must admit that I initially thought this car was for a senior citizen when I first looked at, when my father wouldn't take it, I kept it and boy am I glad I did. Fuel efficiency is great, it takes 87 gas unlike my Cadillac and the acceleration with the 6 cyl engine rivals that of a sports car. The ride is soft and roomy. I really have no complaints. Nothing has broken down ever, and I've put about 80,000 miles on this car in 2 years and it already had a 100,000 on it when I bought it.

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What a Nightmare

IhateChrysler, 08/25/2008
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I purchased a pre-owned 2001 Chrysler Concorde LXi with a 3.2 L V6 engine. While we have all heard stories about the previous owner being an old lady that babied the car, in this case, I knew the owner and knew that to be the case. The car had been maintained by a local Chrysler dealership with 3,000 mile oil changes and had 42K at the time of my purchase. At around 50,000 the transmission welded itself solid, common problem with this model. Now at 75K it has major engine failure. What a piece of junk. Chrysler should be ashamed. And this is on top of the fact that the trunk supports are weak and the trunk constantly falls on your head when retrieving items from it. My first Chrysler & my last

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167,000 strong... good bang for the family sedan buck!

dlong163, 12/10/2012
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The 3.2 liter models were superb to other offerings at the time. If you don't like the exterior design, add a spoiler, and voila! This car is reliable, has never failed me. I have kept with regular maintenance since I received it at 114,000 miles, and the previous owner kept it and recorded it as well. The only major problems I've encountered is the ABS pump failing (not a huge deal) and my frame was warped when I drove over an unmarked curb, causing a clunk I can't eliminate despite all new front suspension. I can't blame Chrysler for a business not marking their curbs. Overall, a great car. I've met owners with 250K on their daily drivers, I'm sure this one will make it!

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