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Cold Weather Volt Owner

voltman, 02/27/2012
4dr Hatchback (gas/electric hybrid DD)
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I live in Minnesota and have 2 months of winter driving experience with my Volt. Like other owners I can say I love the car. Fit and finish and design are stunning. The heater works fine which was a concern of mine. There are 2 heater modes. Eco consumes less battery but doesn't heat as effectively. Regular is equivalent to other cars. When it is quite cold (less than 28 F), the battery will get you 33 miles but beware the gas engine will go on for about 5 of those miles to keep the battery and cabin warm. The best you'll get is about 130 mpg for those 33 miles. Above 30 F, you can expect 30 miles per charge with no use of the gas engine. In general, I have gotten 37 mpg on gas.

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Best Car I've Ever Owned

mcgoody, 01/07/2015
4dr Hatchback (gas/electric hybrid DD)
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Bought this car brand new on New Year's Eve 2012. In May 2018 I was in an accident and it was totaled, HOWEVER me and my two young kids walked away fine. In my years of ownership I was nothing but impressed. In fact, We purchased a brand new Volt after totaling this one. I've owned many different makes and models and the Volt by far is the best vehicle I've ever owned. Service on both my 2012 and 2017 has been minimal; oil changes and tire rotations. I'm over 6 feet tall and have no issue in the driver's seat. Those behind me are snug, but it's doable. Car is designed well, solid inside and out, and is extremely reliable. Being in the mtns I was concerned for weather. No problem. The centered weight of the car makes it phenomenal in snow and great on ice. A great vehicle, and a steal at a pre-owned price.

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Excellent car but beware if you have an accident!

urbanlegend711, 11/15/2013
4dr Hatchback (gas/electric hybrid DD)
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I have been really impressed with the car overall. It has great acceleration, handles beautifully and didn't give me a single problem in 1.5 years and 22k miles. I had a minor front-end collision in September and the car still ran when I left it. Apparently because it's a hybrid the electronics need to be disconnected for welding. The car went to a dealer to have this done, the body shop then repaired it, but now...2 and a half months later, the dealer cannot get the car to run at all. Repairs appear to be very involved, expensive and risky with this car.

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Amazing Economic Sportscar

l4kmttnt, 12/09/2011
4dr Hatchback (gas/electric hybrid DD)
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Outstanding experience thus far! I am an integration manager for a large company traveling 40+ wks out of the year. This has given me the opportunity to drive many, many makes and models of vehicles as I must rent a car every week for work. When my wife and I decided to purchase a new car last month -we specifically went to our local Chevy dealer in search of a Chevy Cruze as I felt it was the BEST sporty and economical car of choice. HOWEVER, we had the chance to drive a Volt and immediately fell in love with the performance, comfort, long-range savings opportunity and overall sportiness of the car. We are 100% happy thus far and look forward to many satisfying miles as we pass by the pump.

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After 6 months - 308 mpg

igh, 08/24/2012
4dr Hatchback (gas/electric hybrid DD)
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Currently at 4500 miles with 14.6 gallons spent. Have not visited the dealer once after buying. Oil life is at 96%. Looks like first maintenance will be after 2-3 years other than the tire rotation. Will buy one more pure EV soon. Bye bye Shell/Chevron/Exxon.

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