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In Praise of Old Friends

wcrisler, 10/10/2010
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What a kick it is to read these reviews of this truck, which I've owned since 1999. Driven under every possible condition imaginable -- long distance, short hauls, towing trailers, through deserts, over mountains, in blizzards, on- and off- road, it's been through several girl friends, two wives and three kids and 258,130 miles. Sure, it's needed repairs, just like me, including all those listed by "Disgruntled Owner", but there it is, still ready to take me wherever I want to go, without a complaint, like it has for over a decade. It's like an old hat, so comfortable you forget you're wearing it. It's my home, my refuge, wherever I go. Every inch evokes memories. Some of me will die with it

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kasper_lee, 09/20/2012
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We had this truck for 12 years. I loved it so much. I finally decided to start doing performance upgrades on when I got back from Iraq in January with dual exhaust (Flowmasters) and a K&N Cold Air Intake. Unbeleivable and noticeable changes were felt. Gas milage is what is expected but sure as hell doesn't seem as bad as what is on paper. The interior is a little boring but add-on possibilities are endless. The seats are large and comfortable. Very reliable. Was rear ended 3 times in 12 years, the most recent (2 weeks ago) totalled it, thanks to F250 flying into me going 50 mph while we were stopped for traffic with my newly adopted 7 month old daughter in the back. We were all ok though.

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Great Vehicle

SS-ZULU, 08/03/2010
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I am a 56 youthful year old male, living in New Jersey and who regularly travels to North Carolina with the comfort and reliability of my 1997 Tahoe. Also, I own a 1986 & 1987 Mercedes Benz 560 SEL, but when I leave to go to work or travel, it's my 1997 Tahoe that receives the assignment. Did I mention that I stand @ 6 1/2 feet tall and enjoy full comfort of leg and height room. Power is good and fuel economy presents no discouragement for a daily driver. Clean and sleek body lines on my midnight blue Tahoe, demands road and curb appeal and evening relooks upon entering my home at days end. If you own one, my comments are understandable, if you do not, it's an experience at your lost. BYE BYE !

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gene105, 08/21/2013
2dr SUV 4WD
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Had to replace engine around 85,000 miles, then around 130,000 miles had to replace head and vortec gaskets. Also had to replace radiator, shop busted old one when they replaced the gaskets. Still on original tires. Seats are electrical and fully adjustable,power windows, rear hatch style doors w/washer n blade, cruse control low mileage on mine due to the fact I drive a 18 wheeler. Started using Lucas ethanol treatment. Mileage has really gone up. Now averaging between 16 and 17 MPG. Rated around 10 MPG for the type of driving I do in it. Now using Lucas oil treatment and the engine is running a lot better. At 278000 miles trans went out. Very expencive to repaire.Having a lot of electrical issues with windows and door locks Don't know why it says 2 door. It is a 4 door.

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Love it...but oh my!

garihee, 08/10/2011
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Love this car for its great lines, 350, availability of aftermarket parts and its ability to move in the snow. Unfortunately, we're on our 4th transmission; this one a warranty replacement for the new one we put in when the second one went south. The next time it eats a set of rotors I'm going to spend some real money and buy a pair that should last. There's also a sensor in the power steering that goes sour routinely and makes for some exciting wheel play on snow and ice and is in fact, a serious liability. Anyway, glad to have mine and no intention of letting it go; it's one of tomorrow's classics!

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