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Bought for a spare, can't stop driving and love fixing it up

davolas46, 01/17/2013
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I bought my 95 Chevy Tahoe being the umpteenth owner of it, I had been dumped at our shop's lot sitting for a few years with over 350000 miles on it. The Tahoe had seen alot of battle, rot spots places, front end worn out, rear end hummed. I bought it off my shop for $1500 to replace my Chevy S-10, the first few weeks of having it I fell in love with it even with 350000 on the odometer on it. I learned it was a throttle body injection system and being an auto technician for 7 years I knew it was a very easy model to service. I have put 20000 miles on it, I still own it and love taking care of it.

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I dread the day it dies

Steve G, 03/12/2010
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Bought new in 1995, this vehicle has displayed unbelievable reliability. At 220,000 miles, it has seen many of my friends' cars, foreign and domestic, sputter to an early expensive grave. Running costs are astoundingly cheap, even considering the unimpressive gas mileage. I had the transmission rebuilt at about 150,000, but that's the only major repair. I drive it cross-country with complete confidence. It's easy to speed on the highway as the ride is so comfortable and the power readily available. While the dash is made of hard, cheap plastic, the gray cloth seats are indestructible, with no stains or rips. I hope it lasts many more years, as I don't see any affordable reliable replacement.

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Peter, 08/11/2010
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Just bought mine with 150K, amazing truck, great ride quality, even great seats. Tough as nails, inexpensive to repair, this might be the last of the great American SUVs. I've owned European luxury cars and have driven pretty much everything out there and this truck impresses me more than the Range Rover!

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Excellent SUV

Joey Dorsey, 09/21/2010
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I bought my Tahoe from a friend who had it since new, after numerous offers, he finally agreed to sell it to me. Probably the best $3000 I ever spent. The truck has 205,000 miles and still drives like a dream, and to call the 4 wheel drive powerful is an understatement. All and all this is my favorite of all the vehicles I've owned.

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Great Truck......but

Buckodog, 11/14/2002
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We bought this truck initially for the towing capacity. It runs great and tows our, 24 foot, 5500 lb., trailer like a dream. Only complaint on towing is the gas mileage(6-8 mpg). Comfortable to drive. Handles well. Much more like a car than a truck. Controls on drivers door could be positioned better. They are hard to find while driving. They also are easy to break(plastic).

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Only Car I could honestly stand by

tgvas, 08/05/2008
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I bought this from my dad in 98. Had 45,000 on it, was mint, he changed the oil every 5,000. I've owned every car & truck I can imagine, none, absolutely no other vehicle has been comparable in any way. Usual service, battery, Alt, Starter once, now I need crank bearings, slight oil usage and some smoke, my mechanic says it should be fine after the installation. I have 165,000 on it now, and will never let this car go. It sits alongside my Audi allroad proudly, this is when GM really built them to last forever, give a great ride, comfort, saftey and a great look, it still shines in every way. Problems I have had.. Driver side window stops when hot Ah, that's it!

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A very decent used 4x4

eric james, 09/19/2008
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I've only owned my 95 tahoe a few months. I wanted to upgrade from my old rusty 91 GMC Jimmy with 240,000 miles. I got it way less than what the dealer wanted. $2,800. I had cash and he was ready to take it. Only 138,000 miles and it runs perfect. I did have to replace all 4 tires and the front shocks but I expected that from test driving it. Never drove it in snow yet but in mud from hard rain it went right through it, plenty of interior room and comfortable. I did replace the original 245/75-16 tires with 265/75-16 tires. A little wider and about 1 1/4 inch taller. I gained a mile a gallon from that. It's really a great vehicle for its age. Plenty of room inside and to work under the hood if repairs were needed. I love the standard 350 engine. Plenty of power and it's the most common engine ever to replace or buy parts for.

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95 Tahoe Fun and Reliable

95 Tahoe , 11/09/2008
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We bought a leased 96 Tahoe in Jul of 98. It is tan, 4wd with leather interior. We have 212K miles on it and it is still going strong. We have only replaced an alternator and the intermittent wiper motor (this one was a factory recall item). We have two small children ages 3 and 6 and we go everywhere in it. Living in Colorado we saw our share of ice and snow and we moved through the deep and not so deep snow in 4WD with no problems. If you are looking for a fun and good looking SUV the Tahoe is one you should look for.

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One Great SUV Chevy Tahoe

Love My Tahoe, 06/30/2009
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I purchased my 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe from Tom Jumper Chevrolet in Sandy Springs Georgia,January 2000. I have had no major problems with this truck at all until the past 2 weeks. My A/C has been out , but other that that jus minor maintainace stuff.I bought my Tahoe used with 43k miles and now I am at 200954k. She is still running excellent. I would have driven it to Orlando Florida last week but my a/c is on the blink.

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Absolute BEST vehicle I've ever owned!!!

tahoedream1, 05/03/2012
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The title says it all! I haven't had my Tahoe very long but it's by far my favorite vehicle I've ever owned, and I've had well over 50 cars in my lifetime!! The quality is so good, you'd never guess it was 17 years old! I've always sworn by Jap/German made cars, but this Chevy has changed my mind! Excellent build quality, perfect height for my 6'2 frame. Runs/drives & looks like its brand new! Literally my only complaint is the plastic door handles, they seem too fragile for such a tough, durable truck. I'm a Chevy truck owner for life now! Lets hope Detroit remembers how to build them like they did in 95 when I go to buy a newer Tahoe in 10 years or so!

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