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Comfortable, fuel efficient and luxury

clsharky, 12/21/2014
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Probably one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. I bought this car with 154k kms 6 years ago and it currently has 326k kms with no engine issues at all. Aside from regular maintenance, the most expensive repair was the fuel pump replacement @ $600. However, installing it was a snap thanks to the access panel above the pump in the trunk. This car works excellent and has loads of power. The fuel economy is exceptional, thanks to its high aerodynamic rating. It barely revs above 2000 RPM at 110km/h hwy speeds, netting 36-37 MPG consistently. The styling is also very nice, and I am constantly getting positive remarks on its looks. The interior is also roomy and comfortable.

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Great Sports Car

Austin, 08/20/2010
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I bought this car 5 years old, it only had 25k on it. Have owned the car for 5 years and I have done the recommended service on it and it has lasted along time. The car now has 182k and still have original transmission and engine. The car still drives like new. Also this car has a lot of power compared to other sports cars and the trunk is huge.

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Disappointed Monte Carlo owner

Russell Roebuck, 01/04/2008
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I have never spent so much money on repairs in my life! First intake manifold, then Ttransmission problems, next catlaytic converter, next BCM, next thermostat which cost $290 plus tax also oil change every 3000 miles. Radiator and cooling system flushed, Driver side power window unit needs replaced. Seat belt doesn't retract on drivers side. Only a little over 80,000 miles and mostly highway driving. What a lemon piece of junk car and I'll never buy another one. I hate to say but I've owned Nissans for about 20 years before this car and never had any repair bills.

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It's ok

ForeignbutAmerican, 10/26/2009
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This car was much better than my 96 Chevy Blazer but the fuel economy is probably the same compared to it. It is a sports car but as soon as I start the car, it's the the fuel gauge goes down! It drives pretty well and I like the extra umph it gives. But I had so many problems with it its not even funny. Surprisingly, it wasn't with the engine. I had window issues, a.c issues, radio issues, tire issues, axle issues, compressor issues, etc. This is a fun car to drive for the time being but over all, I love my baby and is grateful for it. This is a 2001 vehicle and it is now 2009 and I still get compliments! That says a lot!

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Monte SS

Mr E, 11/24/2010
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I bought this car and so far has been nothing but fun fun fun. The car had 68,000 miles even though the car is almost 10 years old, but when I say well kept! No problems so far except for the warning orange light for tire pressure that stays on which I'm used to now. I would love for Chevy to build more SS's such as the Monte Carlo and the Impala for 2011.

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