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Bought with 11k Now close to 100k no issues

michaelvanity, 03/19/2014
LTZ 4dr Sedan (3.9L 6cyl 4A)
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Only thing ive had to do to this car within the past 90k miles are oil changes every 6 months, I make sure to use the highest octane gas, And I only stick with one gas station, Shell being my choice. I have not had one probem thank God. And I plan on buying a new 2014 Impala, Love the new design. So heres how it add up. Me driving in San Francisco, I live here. Taking frequent trips to sacramento and reno. Lots of city driving. Things ive had done in terms of matience Oil Changes - Every 6 Months Reguardless of what meter says Best gas you can buy - IE most expensive tires changed twice. Brakes changed once. No Major Issues. Im going to stick with my Chevys.

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Extended Warranty Needed

debrajmsmith, 05/20/2014
LS 4dr Sedan (3.5L 6cyl 4A)
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We have had a lot go wrong with this car (after the warranty went off), and we are still paying car payments to the bank. Besides expected things, like brakes and tires, the following things have gone wrong on this car so far: --1) emissions vent solenoid, 2) rear defogger, 3) front wheel barrings (both), 4) window washer pump, 5) air conditioning air-vent actuator, 6) key-less door lock units (all four) It is hard to feel comfortable driving a car that can have something go wrong so often, as well as hard to find any fun in it.

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Love this car

A Cossick, 06/06/2010
SS 4dr Sedan (5.3L 8cyl 4A)
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I have owned this car for 2 yrs, put 24k on it so far. Love this car, the power, torque steer. Averaging 21.7 mpg on 15 mile ea way commute to work and all my other driving, including some passes on the 1/4 mile. I think this is excellent for a 300 HP full size car. It corners and stops pretty good, though it has quite a bit of understeer when you push it to the limit - overall not bad for a full size car. Also needs to side support in the seats like the Grand Prix GXP has - these seats are too bench like. The drive by wire has some limitations as it will cut the throttle at times when I don't want it to - sharp movements that it thinks the car is out of control. I plan to own 10 yrs+

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08’ Impala- Yr of the death trap-injury, defects.

ResearchGuru, 07/07/2018
LT 4dr Sedan (3.5L 6cyl 4A)
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Well this is one of a very select few cars that has all the highly publicized dangerous, expensive recalls, defects and just plain issues that were fixed with others but left in the 2008 because “they’re not enough deaths from the defects in this YEAR” mind you the same problems apply, same part failures killed so many that millions of recalls were sent through... The notes on issues for the Death Trap Impala... All bad parts that were not recalled on 2008 Impala that are the same defects and parts recalled from all other males and models. Late year 2007-shift into 08 can be included as well as late year 2008-into 09. Front lower control arm suspension defects driver and passenger side-snaps causing loss of vehicle control extensive damage,possible injury or fatality.Older control arms have 3 holes placed across center, new control arm was changed to only have one center hole. Rear axle spindle rod and bearing driver and passenger side not supporting/staying aligned causeing rapid tire wear,less stable stopping, turning etc. potential to blow tires causing accidents. ALL suspension issues were ONLY recalled in police vehicles with the excuse that police accessory packages caused extra strain- that is not true ALL Impala models in these yrs have the same defective parts and upon reviewing accessory placement it was no where near changing or interrupting these suspension part defects. GM just wanted to limit how many they had to repair on their dime. Airbags and safety restraint system as well as seatbelt restraint system defects- Besides that the 2008 Impala uses the SAME TAKATA AIRBAG AND SEATBELT SYSTEM THAT IS DEFECTIVE AND RECALLED IN ALL BUT A FEW YRS LIKE THE 2008! GM states that it hasn’t caused enough fatalities but if you look at all i formation documented even just on the NHTSA sites it causes and has caused a number of very serious injuries and add this to a defective suspension system that does not hold up to impact- can’t handle any impact, seatbelts don’t lock and airbags fail to deploy. The injury’s sustained are life altering serious 4 week plus hospital and intensive care stay bad. 6 alone in June 2018. airbag issues/defects/recalls in all but 2008 defective airbag OCS algorithm (entire electrical computer system) defective frontal sensors, control modules. Damage to seat sensor (weight safety sensors, way to sense passenger airbag need) wiring as front seat frames/placement seat adjustment/movement may damage Presence sensor wires and module. Defective airbag inflator causing inflator tube pieces to cause injury to person when airbag partially deploys shredding sections and prevents proper bag inflation. All defective seatbelt issues also prevent airbag system communication and deployment so again, seatbelt safety features being defective, not holding you back then having a failed airbag has resulted in severe injury and death. Seatbelts have been threaded incorrectly and not attached properly causeing the automatic tensioning cable in belt retractor to break. Front belts not secured properly to anchor pretensioner mounts causeing them to pull away on impact. All preventing safety belt to lock to keep person from dash or other impact, also without the ‘locking’ safety mechanism triggered airbags do not deploy. Belts, clips etc also are not ‘latching’ clipping together properly when buckled do to defects causing the system to think no one is there for safety measures in the vehicle to activate. Many failures are associated with B-pillar clips as well as retractors (parts of safety belt assembly) being broken easily due to never being secured properly or screws not being long wide or plentiful enough to hold these important mechanisms in place. You have points of impact externally around the vehicle to activate car safety systems, however the internal components and modules internally are key to have a fully functioning safety system. seat sensors also keep them off when deadly for shorter or lighter people, children or when the seat is empty. Or turn them on when a passenger is seated. Of seat tensioners fail break or not even close to a proper position inticating your presence airbags may not deploy causing full impact to dash, windshield etc etc , if they do deploy they may kill you as you are not restrained at all. But from research the trend is if your seatbelt restraint system is defective at all expect to not be protected by anything other then the shell of your car. THESE ISSUES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED IN EVERY MAKE/MODEL/YEAR That used defective parts. they’re thousands of reports all over the internet. For way more issues then these that are defects.Why are some not being fixed? Because complaints aren’t always going to Chevy/GM or sent to NHTSA,documented in police reports or looked over by mechanics for causes and failures because the Magnitude of events overpowers your memory of airbag and seatbelt failure,damage/injury sustained from suspension support failures

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Fast speed, faster break downs

Mixed Emotions, 02/03/2010
SS 4dr Sedan (5.3L 8cyl 4A)
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Bought used with 34000 miles, lots of wheel spin, 21mpg mixed 27 highway. can keep up with newer mustang gt's and eat up 5.7 hemi chargers, BUT 4 fuel injectors replaced, bad onstar unit and a paranoia when driving more than 100 miles at a time. every time I've been on a road trip a fuel injector goes bad. i should have learned my lesson after my 05 cts's water pump and transmission went out at 4 yrs and 33000 miles on the clock. no wonder GM went bankrupt so so so much fun to drive...until it breaks down. dealership would blame a flat tire with a nail in it on "unknown causes with no sure fix"

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