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Pretty cool! Fat fenders & WIDE tires!

sevargmt, 07/20/2010
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This is my 1st Corvette. I'm impressed with the car - better than any of the competition at a much cheaper price. Didn't realize the car would have such a cool factor. Good gas mileage, comfortable and rides reasonably well. If you order a Corvette one can go to the plant in Kentucky and watch your car assembled - I did and it was well worth the price. A once in a lifetime experience! The factory workers were nice and committed to building a quality car - more than one told me they wanted the car to be perfect for me. I'd do it all over again. The dual mode exhaust is a must have option - I upgraded mine with a aftermarket remote to open/close the valves at will. Very cool! Love my vette!

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Love it

Dave, 10/26/2010
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Second C-6. Love the vehicle. The interior could use a face lift for a $60k car bt everything else is great. Someone asked about the dual mode exhaust. Either pull the fuse or buy a $60 gadget called "mild to wild". Replaces the fuse and allows you to open or close the damper from the homelink button.

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The real deal

jeff, 08/04/2010
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Took museum delivery of GS coupe which I would recommend. Driving back from Kentucky, I averaged 31 mpg while my wife said "it felt like a luxury car compared to my older vette". I now have it for 4 months and can say this car is impressive on all fronts. Acceleration is silly fast, cornering is flat and predictable while braking is spot-on. The interior is unbelievably roomy. the trunk space is similar to a town car. I find the seats comfortable and supportive. I like the interior too which is not as nice as a 911, but it's 20k less. Drove them both back to back thinking I was buying the 911 but the grand sport is a better car, period!

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Fun at any speed

Mack, 08/23/2010
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Had been wanting a Vette for years but was always concerned about quality. Test drove a Cayman but options took it over 70K. Recent reviews about GM getting serious about quality, the GS option and 0% drew me in. Great power, good clutch/trans relationship, clutch is not as heavy as I expected. The seats are as bad as all magazines state, brake dust is also an issue but the car is so much fun, it doesn't matter. I grin every time I start it. Chevy has done a very good job. quality is first rate, no rattles and not one problem. Decent sound system but not great. Just finished a road trip (1000 mi) great highway mileage. After many overseas performance cars, it feels good to buy American.

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First Vette

msm8221, 05/30/2011
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I've own a lot of cars and for the money (I paid 45k -less tax) for a base after 6K discount from GM and 3K from dealer, this is a bargain compared to the SS/RS ragtop Camaro which has few incentives. @ 430 HP, it isn't a bone crusher and I'm sure the manual tranny SS Camaro will stomp it to death in a 1/4 mile. Nice fit-finish, nice features, I hope good resale value as I don't keep cars long. I have always consider the Vette a sissy car driven by middle aged men trying to be cool while holding their toupee in place. This car makes me reconsider my previous opinion as it is sophisticated, good looking and powerful. NOT the muscle car the Camaro is.

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