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Best car I've owned in 50 years

pscarpelli, 02/23/2013
Z06 2dr Coupe (7.0L 8cyl 6M)
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My 2008 Z06 replaced a 2005 Z51 Corvette. Beside providing world-class performance, in 26,000 miles this car hasn't had a single issue other than changing tires and oil. It's the best car I've ever owned. It has no rattles, no glitches, and at a steady 80 mph, it gets 32 mpg. Highly recommended.

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Corvette C5 to C6 Z06

Randy, 01/25/2008
Z06 2dr Coupe (7.0L 8cyl 6M)
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After 4 years of Corvette C5 coupe ownership I purchased a new 2008 Machine Silver Z06 based on pricing, performance and looks. Having owned the car less than two weeks I can say this is absolutely the best automobile I have owned. The performance and acceleration is superb. The looks are unmatched and pricing for this American supercar is right on. The Z06 is not an economy car but highway mileage in the mid 20's is not disappointing.

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Spectacular and reliable performance car, full of

Paul Scarpelli, 08/06/2018
Z06 2dr Coupe (7.0L 8cyl 6M)
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I bought this car new in 2008, and have had not a single service issue in 42,000 miles. Other than tires (lots of expensive tires) and oil changes, the car has been bombproof. Now that all performance cars have gotten heavier than the C6 ZO6's 3,160 lbs., even the heavy 707 hp Chrysler products aren't faster. This was the last American car that had a focus on performance over anything else. Weight reductions include a thinner windshield, carbon fenders, magnesium roof and engine carriage, and not a lot of extraneous options that add weight. It's a pure performance car that's also suitable for long trips due to the massive storage area under the rear glass hatch. I travel with my wife, luggage, a cooler, and a freaking road bicycle! On the Interstate, I have seen typical fuel economy around 31 mpg @ 80 mph, and as high as 33-35 on a few tanks of gas. I've had 20 new cars in my life, and I've never kept one this long. If you can find a low-mileage 2007 or newer, you won't be sorry.

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Do I have a lemon

RICHARD LEE, 07/03/2008
Z06 2dr Coupe (7.0L 8cyl 6M)
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I have been having constant problems with my new Z06.1. The automatic shift from 1st to 4th light does not comes on and off whether I am actually shifting from 1st to 4th. Sometimes the vehicle will not let me fill a full tank instead it only allows me to fill 1/2 a tank. My traction light comes on and off whenever it wants and it seems the rear end is slipping. When I make wide slow turns the steering wheel gets rock hard and I have to really hold it tight as if I didnt have power steering. When I pull my vehicle up to my drive way I hear the roof of the car crackling as if the roof is shifting. My power seat control went out the first week of owership and they had to replace it.

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2008 Z06 is a winner!

C6YelowZ06, 05/07/2010
Z06 2dr Coupe (7.0L 8cyl 6M)
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I love this car! I have had 4 back fusions and triple neck fusion and this fits like a glove. It is hard to get in and out of at 55 but once in it, I hate to get out. It is truly an amazing automobile, especially for the money. I have yet to have it over 155 but I can't wait. It performed very well on a NASCAR track, I can't tell you which one, obviously, but it was unbelievable going into a corner at 150 and the "G meter" shows only .6! I was too afraid to put it into the wall, plus my tires had 4500 miles on them. With sticky rubber, I think it could have gone into the corner at 175 but I am too old for that. WOW, you have to get one of these before you die!

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