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Retired and in heaven!

FSTOLMAN, 07/20/2008
7 of 7 people found this review helpful

I've owned a couple of Corvettes years ago and I enjoyed them. I'm retired now and couldn't avoid purchasing a two year old 2006 Z06 with 3,600 miles. Even my wonderful wife was so mezmerized with this car, she said buy it! The car is perfect and I am totally amazed with how great this Z06 is. Great looks, great power, fantastic handling and performance. I don't need to quote the stats. The car is a thrill every time I get behind the wheel. When I just look at it in my garage, I feel like I am in heaven.

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The Affordable Supercar

BikerJoe, 09/13/2009
11 of 13 people found this review helpful

The Z06 is truly a supercar that not only performs as well as cars costing hundreds of thousands, but beats most of them on the track and around town. I demand performance and drive mine fairly hard. My Z06 never lets me down, whether zipping through the curvy mountain roads at insane speeds or in stoplight to stoplight g-force fun. Also, I don't know where the mpg rating comes from in this listing, but I never get lower than 21-22 mpg average for a tank, and I get about 28-29 while cruising the highways at 74 mph. On a recent trip to Kentucky, I drove for 1200 miles and averaged 25 mpg, even though they were very mostly hard-driven miles. Interior is only okay. Build quality is awful.

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Idaho Z06

idaspud, 04/26/2009
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Acceleration is unbelievable, control and cornering is excellent, ride comfort is good, interior quality is mediocre at best. Gas mileage is great too, get around 32 on the highway. Most fun car to drive I have ever had and I'm 66.

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"Z06"...whats left to say

Nomad, 11/15/2009
4 of 4 people found this review helpful

As with most American boys...I have always dreamed of a Corvette. I have owned several BMW's, Camaro's, a Mustang, and a Trans-Am/Formula Firebird (original 6.6) My RED 2006 Z06 is by far my favorite. I have had people get out of their car in a bank drive through to look at it. I had several grown men ask to get a picture of them standing next to it...and its an AMERICAN car...WOW! I get more people looking at it on a daily basis than any car I have owned...Including the BMW's. I love the fact I can drive it everyday...with the only exception being in the snow.

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Bad machine

PATRICK, 10/20/2005
3 of 3 people found this review helpful

This is my fifth Vette, 61,66,78,96 & 06 and this is the best overall. Speed, performance, looks, and good ole American muscle. Compared to foreign cars this one is a steal and a head turner. Congrats to gm and more importantly the corvette division. Great job, keep ‘em coming and make the Vette live on, for ever and ever.

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it could have been great

scoundral, 12/19/2009
6 of 8 people found this review helpful

Chevy missed its chance. Cheap typical American car interior and materials. If the sun is out you cannot see the Nav. Talking about the Nav. it seemed about three years out of date when the car was new. Chevy needs to learn from Japan. The sound system has the same issue, just ok when it could have easily been great for not much more money. Sorry no I-Pod connection here. Controls are not on wheel either, this had become the norm on a new car. Run flats hold ok but create a hard ride, last 18000 and cost $500. each. My tranny was fine then just failed, in shop for 6 weeks and now 200 miles later has failed again. Thank god for my extended warranty. lots of little problems.

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Excellent Corvette

justin, 09/14/2005
2 of 2 people found this review helpful

This car is the best car I have ever had. It drives like I want it to, but the only thing I don't like about it is the personal design of the car. Thanks for making such a car I love it I hope y'all will one day come up with even a better design than that is.

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ELEANOR, 12/08/2005
2 of 2 people found this review helpful

What an experience! Just picking up this beauty at the dealership was an experience. Had to go to NY to get this baby, was too much over list here in Miami. Drove car straight through overnight back to Miami from NY to avoid snowstorm. This is the car I have been waiting for my whole life. Had the 1969 427 with trips - brand new when I was young. What a difference between a 69 with the SAME 7 liter displacement and this new beauty. Don't know how they got the mileage from this new LS7 engine, remember very POOR mileage on my first Vette. Got so many stares and looks and the SOUND is INCREDIBLE! Every stop during trip home, found people standing around admiring the car. SOOOOO HAPPY!

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Not A Car for Everyone

Dale , 02/05/2008
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This is not a car for everyone and it was not intended to be. This is a car for car enthusiasts who not only tolerate a firm ride and aggressive exhaust but demand it. I hear of buyers who want to quiet the car and make it more comfortable to drive. Give me a break. Why did you buy this car in the first place? After GM spent millions making the car lighter these buyers add sound deadening material. If your not used to driving high performance cars don't buy this car or be prepared to learn since traction can be difficult to come by even with traction control on. Also, you guys that have to ride around in plush leather living room furniture buy a Maserati.

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A great sports car

TJ Becker, 05/10/2006
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This Corvette is by far the best sports car that I have ever owned. I have many things from a Porche to a Ferrari, but this tops them all. It has the perfect amount of manuvuability and performance to satisfy anyone's needs. It is the ultimate sports car. I would recommend it to everyone.

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