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224,000 miles and just getting started

snm1220, 12/19/2009
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I acquired this car from my son after turning my 4 door car over to my children for their family use. I immediately noticed the 35 mpg plus highway gas mileage with the 4 speed automatic transmission. The air is ice cold in the summer & very warm in the winter. Visibility, ride & handling is very good. This car runs all day at highway speed, uses no oil or has any fluid leaks. Replacement parts are inexpensive. This is truly the most reliable, least cost per mile vehicle i've ever owned. At 300,000 miles I may change the transmission fluid for the first time. I can't imagine any foreign vehicle delivering this value.

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Freakin sweet

TyBong, 11/23/2010
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Bought this car off of a friend for 500 bones as a beater car (I hate car loans! never again!) to get to work and back. Got the car at 230,000 miles, now have 245,000 and still runs like a champ! Starts funny, struts are messed up, but still runs great like the first day we signed the title over. I've owned a 2002 camry and got less value off of that than my little cavy. That Toyota was junk, go GM!

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Good little car!

Nicolek, 08/21/2010
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I have had this car for 6 years now and I just loved it. I had to replace starter, alternator, battery 2x, struts, and other basic repairs most of which were under warranty at the time. The engine started to burn oil a little over a year ago, but I've never had any major problems. It's got some get up and go and has been pretty reliable. It has 177k on it and now its showing signs of expensive repairs to come. It wears brakes and rotors pretty bad, and now needs new shocks in the rear, and just replaced another strut. It was really great in the beginning, but with age comes problems. Not a bad car for a young person and they are fairly inexpensive.

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Chevy Cavalier, 06/27/2008
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This car was purchased for $3000. So far it's been decent. I had to replace the computer($350), the alternator pulley and belt($200), and the slave cylinder and clutch($740). All the parts were original which means the car was built good I was just unlucky that all the parts lasted as long as they did (10 years). Car runs great now and hopefully I can get another year and 15000 miles before I have to replace anything else on this car.

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Good Buy

James, 07/11/2008
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Good overall car. When I purchased this car it had all original parts except the radio (this was a good sign). The bad news was once I bought it some of the 10 year old parts broke. I had the computer system fail ($300), then the drive pulley ($200) then the slave cylinder broke (the clutch was also replaced since the it is so hard to get to it was worth doing it at the time, $700). Overall the car drives great. With regular oil changes and tune ups I think I'll get another 100k miles out of this car.

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