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Worst choice of my life

disturbedchic, 04/05/2005
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Bought a '95 Cavalier to replace what I thought was an ailing car I should've kept. In the 7 months I've owned the car it's had mechanical problems 6 times. First day I got it found out something was wrong with the transmission which would make it freeze up and not switch gears when it warmed up. The water pump busted and I went through 4 jugs of antifreeze before it could get fixed, transmission started to go, car would max out at 50, back door popped right open one day around a turn, and just recently it would take a city block to get it to 30mph and the whole exhaust system nearly touches the ground while the converter looks ready to blow.

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Repairs, more repairs, and more repairs

Parnelli, 09/28/2002
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We purchased this white '95 four door in August of 1999 when it had only 20,000 miles on it. We now have 74,000 miles on the car. We've replaced the head gasket ($650), water pump ($100), wheel speed sensor ($150?), air conditioning compressor ($450) and it needs to be replaced AGAIN (The condensor is bad, TOO.) The bottoms of the inside of two of the four doors have not rusted through ONLY because of the sanding, scraping, priming, etc. that I do yearly. The car goes on sale in three days!!

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Chevy Cav

sunnygrl2930, 01/27/2007
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Love the car, love the way it drives, just diappointed about the head gasket. But I bought it with more than 100k anyway. Love the gas mileage. Love driving it. Never owned a Cav before, but my next car will be a Cav, too. Two door. Love them. Love the way it looks and sits.

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Nothing but engine problems

maysi111, 04/29/2002
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This car has been burning oil since the day I bought it. I used to put a quart of oil in it once a I put a quart in every other day. I made the dealership aware of this problem from the beginning and it was always that the valve cover gasket was leaking....I cannot tell you how many times that has been replaced. The starter has been replaced three times....the car was recalled for the gasket leaking antifreeze and was never correctly fixed. I also add antifreeze as well as oil now. The transmission fluid started leaking a couple of months ago and the air conditioner will cost over $800 to get fixed.

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Wow, I bought it twice?

kerocky24, 01/09/2009
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This car gives me problems all the time. It rattles, it clanks, and it's falling apart. I had one shortly before this one. I should have known when it burst in to flames that it was a bad Idea to buy another. Live and learn huh? The car leaks oil, the speedometer is broken, (it dances as I'm going down the road) I have replaced the fuel injectors 2 times in the last year, (I know other Cavaliers that have fuel leaking!) The seats are so uncomfortable. The suspension stinks. I have tried to keep up with this car but have decided to drive it 'till it dies. My car has some miles on it but that's no excuse!

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Loving my First car

Wbcheerguy, 08/31/2003
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I'm a high school student, this car (2dr std coupe) 5-speed manual, is a great first car and is ideal for a teen like me, the car uses very little gas, can be customized easily, and reliable, i wouldn't trade my car in for anything. the car is priced low enought for a working teen to afford and the car is easy to service for regular care.

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9 great years and 127k miles

EddieG, 04/29/2004
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Original Owner, this car has taken me all over the country and back. Has only needed routine brake and tire maintenance - ZERO mechanical problems. Fuel economy isn't what it was 9 years ago, but still better than most cars on the road. And one of the sportiest cars for its price range!

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Great in High-Mileage Form!

Willis, 08/14/2007
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This car takes abuse and keeps coming back for more. I got the midnight blue coupe with the painted bumpers option and 5 speed manual. The 2.2L(ohv) engine leaves a bit to be desired for power but the manual tranny makes up for it. I paid $1500 for this car 3 yrs ago and it's just needed head gasket and ac recharge. It had 130,000 on it when I got it and it's never left me stranded at 162,000 miles. something is! The cheapest 30,000 miles I ever drove was in a crappy old cavi!

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Surprised by Cavalier

melncolly, 07/01/2003
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I grew up in a staunch Ford family. So when I bought my Cavalier...I was afraid....hah hah...not far, I've done minor maintenance to it (oil, tires, front brakes, battery) I've put about 25K miles on it in 14 months and no problems with the car...and it is my first five speed, and I like dropping it down a gear or two to get some extra ZOOM! Watch out for me in my teal Cavalier! It's sporty and gets around and I can keep up with the Acuras and Hondas...if I want..;) I hope it lasts till I pay it off in April 2003!!

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Awesome little Car

Manuel, 12/16/2015
2dr Coupe
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For being a 95 coupe it's all expected of a small vehicle. Sure their might be others that perform better but for what you pay for is what you get. I paid $800.00 for mine. 136000 miles. YES it is used. In the short time that I owned it. Never game me any problems except for miner wear n tare. Like tires,brakes,antiflush,oil change, smog. Expect gas mileage to be a plus with this car. You need to keep up with all maintenance on any type of vehicle. That's how they last. If you're just going to gas n go. Well looks like you'll be come a member of the foot patrol. Don't mock this vehicle it's very reliable. (I was involved in an accident while I was driving to work in this vehicle. Young girl (17yrs) turned left on a RED light. SMASHED/CRUNCHED/Head on Collision. air bags deployed,I walked away. Like I said RELIABLE. Gonna miss HER

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