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Major Chevy Aveo failure

chevyvictim, 09/15/2014
Special Value 4dr Hatchback (1.6L 4cyl 5M)
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I bought my Chevy Aveo brand new in late '05, loved, babied and maintained that car very well. 3 days ago the timing belt failed at only 55K miles on the freeway, totally shut the car down including power steering and brakes at 65mph, I'm very lucky I was safe. And now I find out that the engine is basically destroyed because of the belt failure, with repair costs of approximately $2500. And to top it all off I find out Chevrolet knew about this particular problem long ago but did nothing to warn owners or recall, totally negligent. Incredibly corrupt company if you ask me, I and many other Aveo owners are very angry, and I feel a class action lawsuit is necessary Here's an update, after diagnosing the destroyed engine with a mechanic we discovered that the PLASTIC timing belt tension pulley had cracked, throwing the timing belt in the process, which led to the engine being totally destroyed. I wonder if Chevy realizes that plastic cracks much easier than steel or aluminum??

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Sturdy Small Car

Elaine, 03/04/2010
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I was recently rear ended in my Aveo and sent forward about 4 feet from a dead stop. although My Aveo has to have the bumper replaced the larger car that hit me is written off.. hood was crumpled. You can see the imprint of his logo in my bumper. I suffered no real injuries just a little stiffness from a whiplash type injury.. I had loved the Aveo before for it's handling, fuel economy and pick up on the highway but now.. am totally impressed by how well it is constructed.

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Horrible car

Beth, 05/28/2016
LS 4dr Hatchback (1.6L 4cyl 5M)
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I bought this car for my first car. I loved how cute it was but after spending a couple thousand extra it isn't worth it i got a paint job my choice. but the car kept randomly shutting off it i touched my brake off it went. we finally found the problem after changing my breather tube everything that goes to fuel. and spending 8,000 dollars. now my brand new head gasket has blown i hate this car this is now another 2500 dollar fix. do not buy an aveo they suck!

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Rockin The AvEO and LOVIN IT!

Rockin the AVEO, 02/19/2010
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I got this to be just a driver until I found the car I wanted. I recently came out of a very very nice Mercedes (many nice luxury cars in a row) and am VERY picky. I am surprised and thrilled with my gas mileage. I love my funky color (one of the reasons it caught my eye) and so much space...all of my cars had been two seaters until now. I needed another car with more space for various reasons...and this little car gives it to me!...and CHEAP!!! I have only had it a short while but I do very long commutes and plan on keeping this even if I get another luxury car. I like that it is such a "green" vehicle... and by buying used I am recycling!!! I LOVE IT and my friends think it is adorable!!!

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Mom's little trustie!

tauscuppy, 05/14/2013
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I love this car! we always have new trucks, or vans. when gas prices got so high, I went out and bought one of these (after muchresearch on other compacts) Now, this is the family car, it's taken us everywhere, not a single worry, I drive on the feeway ALL the time, and can't believe how smooth it is, I have to chech the sppedometer all the time, cuz I am always speeding, but, it never feels like it. this car was 8 years old when I bought it, has just over 100.000 on it now. I will own this car for a long time <3

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