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Great Truck

LTZ owner, 11/15/2010
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Great truck does everything I ask from hauling my boat and landscape materials such as rocks, yet is good looking enough to hang with the Mercedes and Lexus at high end restaurants. The only cheapness I've found is the plastic door handles which look and feel like chrome both inside and out, tend to break and fall apart in the FL. heat, as well as some failures in some of the electronic sensors over time. The plastic wings behind the windows also turn from black to light gray if you don't constantly maintain them with a protectant.

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My second Avalanche

Avalanche Lover, 08/13/2009
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My 2009 Avalanche is my second one. I had a 2003 Avalanche that was the most reliable and cheapest to maintain truck that I have ever owned. I traded it at 148,000 miles and never even put brakes on it. I love my new 2009 Avalanche also. It is more comfortable and roomier than my 2003. Fuel economy appears to be better and improving. it is a pleasure to drive and passengers enjoy the room and comfort. I will always drive a Avalanche as long as they are in production. they are great trucks very reliable the quality and durability is outstanding making ownership affordable by not having additional unexpected breakdowns or maintenance issues keeping current on Preventative Maintenance is key.

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Never again

Bradley, 08/31/2017
LTZ 4dr Crew Cab 4WD SB (5.3L 8cyl 6A)
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Paid for LTZ 4WD model 4 years ago. Been in the shop 2 times since purchasing. Folding mirrors stopped working almost immediately, cruise control randomly goes out (especially during colder months), I've had all 4 door handles worked on (very cheaply made), lumbar support has stopped functioning properly, small oil leak & radio/AC buttons peeling and cracking. This has not been a quality purchase for me and I am very disappointed in my Chevy. I will never again purchase from this manufacturer.

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best truck ive had

Hugh, 05/30/2009
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I traded in my 2006 Dodge ram 1500 crew cab, and this is a lot better than the Dodge the design interior and exterior is great, everything fits together great, the power on the 5.3l is great, I usually tow between 5000-7000 pounds, and I can tow that easily in this truck, love the mid gate for when I take out my atv, the interior looks and feels better than my wife's Mercedes e-class, this has to be the best truck I've ever had

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Midgate Leaks

lancher4life , 09/28/2009
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Looked for 3 yrs prior to buying, really wanted an Avalanche. Looked as if the leaks had been fixed. Bought a brand new one but the midgate leaks when I wash it - leaks both into the cab and the bed (on both sides of the midgate). Going back a 3rd time to the dealer. Seems like mine is a lemon, some leaks on prior years but thought the leak issue was addressed. Take a hose & check yours before you buy....HOPEFULLY they can fix it, as really do otherwise love it.

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Great SUV/Truck combo

San Jose, CA, 01/07/2010
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We bought our 2009 Avalanche to replace a 92 Chevy Blazer & 97 Chevy truck. The AV was a perfect fit for us with 4 full size doors, cargo capacity and towing. The AV's 5.3 liter engine has more power/torque than the 5.7 liter engine in my old 97 truck and gets better overall gas mileage. We tow 5,000(+) lbs of boat/trailer/gear and the AV has no problems handling the steep Sunol and Altamont pass grades in the S.F. Bay Area. The ride is more SUV-like than truck, and while the AV looks top heavy it actually handles the corners pretty well for its size. But if you're not used to driving SUV/trucks the AV's large turning radius can be scary/frustrating in tight parking situations.

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One great SUT. Nothing better anywhere.

ReelLove, 02/22/2010
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2009 is my 3rd Avalanche (LT2-Z71). Ride is stiffer than the '05 Z71. If you do not go off road think 2x @ Z71 pkg. Much quieter than '05. Lots of leg room everywhere. This vehicle feels bigger than the 05. Improved gas mileage & performance from '05. Interior redesign is luxurious but I miss being able to put my hat on the dashboard and it staying put. Handling is very good, with little to no body roll. This is still the greatest, most versatile vehicle on the road today. I have 5 cars, & the Avalanche is always my 1st choice to drive. Quality is first class, cabin is A-#1, durability is never an issue. If you are looking for a large vehicle, put this one on the top of your list.

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My Avalanche

Robert Deevey, 06/09/2009
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I owned an 04 avalanche, and found it to be the most useful vehicle I had ever owned. Took advantage of the GM situation and purchased an 09. Moving from a larger metro area to the country setting I have found that the avalanche has proven to be useful not only as a full size truck hauling materials, and its comfort can not be matched. With almost 100K mile on the 04, I never experienced any problems with the vehicle. I expect the same for the 09. The vehicle has a first-class appearance, which adds to the fun of driving it. My friends like when we use the Avalanche for long trips, because of its comfort.

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Great Truck

PC, 08/31/2009
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This is my 2nd avalanche. I have owned a 2001 Dodge Ram and a 2004 Ford F150 and a 2006 Avlanche. This one is waaayyy better than all of them. I had a few issues (electrical) with the 2006 but so far nothing wrong with this one. Interior and exterior are much better and the suspension and engine are much smoother. Overall this is a great truck.

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Buy American

B, 09/18/2009
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My first American vehicle in about 15 years. I bought Toyota in the past and was hard pressed to pass one up this time. Buying the Avalanche was the best move I could have made. In my opinion the quality is better than the Toyota and the interior design is far better than the Tundra. You are making a mistake if you do not look at Chevy. They have won me over.

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