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2022 Lucid Air Grand Touring

We Bought a 2022 Lucid Air Grand Touring

We're going to find out what it's really like to live with a Lucid

  • We spent over $140K of our own cash on a Lucid Air.
  • We're going to live with it for at least a year and 20,000 miles.
  • Our purchase follows our initial review that highlighted a number of issues with the build.

Back in April we tested the 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition with some very mixed results. We raved about its performance, efficiency and fresh thinking, but lamented its build quality and software malfunctions. The car didn't feel quite finished, which was a concern given that our very own Lucid — which we paid for — was en route to Edmunds HQ when we published the test.

That car never completed its journey. As part of an extensive overhaul of its quality control practices, Lucid determined that our car didn't meet its new standards. The car disappeared. In its place, we were offered a choice of three other vehicles, all of which had been built more recently. And, after some delay, our 2022 Lucid Air Grand Touring has just arrived.

The Edmunds long-term test promise

Edmunds has a long history of buying and owning new cars. We see it as a crucial part of our testing process. Living with a car day to day is a different experience to a test drive. The vehicles are shared among our 40-strong editorial team, adding to the depth and breadth of opinion.

We think our process is particularly pertinent for a startup brand, where the undeniable challenge of building a new car for the first time can have real-world repercussions for the consumer. That's why we've owned five different Teslas and recently added a Rivian R1T to our fleet. They join a mix of EVs and gas-powered cars from the "old world," all of which you can read about here on our long-term road tests page. We tell their story, warts and all. No one is given a free pass.

Our Lucid Dream ...

Ryan ZumMallen's video details the car that we've bought, our initial impressions and what we'll be looking out for in the months ahead. There'll be more videos to follow and we'll also tell the story across our social channels and on our blog. If you own a Lucid and would like to share your experience, we'd also love to hear from you at

Edmunds says

We invest hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in our long-term test program to deliver a real-world ownership experience. The months ahead with the Air will be entertaining, illuminating and, we anticipate, hugely beneficial to would-be Lucid owners.

2022 Lucid Air Grand Touring