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2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV and Tesla Model Y exterior group shot

VIDEO: Chevrolet Bolt EUV vs. Tesla Model Y Comparison - Which Small Electric SUV Is Better?

How much Chevy can you get for half a Tesla?

  • The age of the livable electric crossover has arrived.
  • The Bolt EUV is wildly affordable for an EV.
  • The Model Y is impressive but far more pricey.

The best deal in electric vehicles right now might just be the Chevrolet Bolt EUV. This hatchback EV is comfortable, efficient and starts at under $30,000. Quite a value, right?

We wanted to know whether it really has the goods or if value is truly its biggest plus. So we paired a Bolt EUV against a Tesla Model Y to see how they compare in roominess, performance and overall cost. How did the underdog Chevy do? Read on, or watch the video below.

Bolt EUV vs. Model Y: The biggest differences

The Bolt EUV is new for the 2022 model year, and it's a larger version of the compact Bolt. Chevrolet calls the Bolt EUV a compact SUV but we consider it more of a hatchback. There isn't a ton of storage space, at just 16.3 cubic feet behind the second row. But it's nimble to drive and has a smooth ride. Maximum range is an EPA-estimated 247 miles.

By contrast, the Model Y has been out since 2020 and hasn't changed dramatically since then. It's more of a true compact crossover and offers good storage space from the large rear cargo hold and the extra frunk, too. Both the Long Range and Performance models are a blast to drive with plenty of muscle. Max range is an EPA-estimated 330 miles.

Bolt EUV vs. Model Y: What are the highlights?

We like the Bolt EUV interior. It has tight construction and appears solidly built, plus the materials feel comfortable and wholly appropriate for the price. It's also nice that the controls are easy to find, and the Bolt EUV has helpful screens as opposed to the one complicated screen in the Model Y.

As for the Tesla, its Long Range version has strong maximum range at an EPA-estimated 330 miles. Even though it fell short of that rating in our Edmunds EV range test, that's still a lot of range. The bigger advantage is the Tesla Supercharger network, which is miles better than other public charging infrastructure systems.

Bolt EUV vs. Model Y: What do they cost?

The Bolt EUV starts at an attractive $28,195 (including destination) with the current price cut. Chevrolet instituted a major discount this year and the result is an astounding value. Some models are more pricey, but the top-level Premier version we tested still cost just over $43,000.

The Model Y is more expensive, and its price only grew this year. Tesla raised the starting price by about $14,000 so even the cheapest Model Y will cost you nearly $70,000 today.

The good news is that both vehicles will soon qualify for federal EV tax credits. Based on new legislation that takes effect in 2023, Chevrolet and Tesla buyers can apply for thousands in tax credits for a new vehicle. Just beware: The purchase price must be less than $80,000 so order that new Model Y carefully. Click here to read our comprehensive guide to the Inflation Reduction Act and its regulations.

Edmunds says

There's no question the Tesla Model Y is an impressive electric vehicle. But its price keeps climbing, while the cost of a Chevrolet Bolt EUV keeps dropping. This is now an extremely affordable EV, and we even like the way it drives! For those reasons the Bolt EUV is our pick of the two, and we think most EV shoppers should start their electric search with the Chevy.