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All the Times We Raced Our Long-Term Tesla Model Y Performance

Here's how the Tesla Model Y Performance lived up to its name

Tesla Model Y vs. Lamborghini Urus
  • We made a compilation video of our long-term Tesla Model Y Performance's many, many drag races.
  • The Model Y had several victories over some formidable opponents.
  • We may not have liked how it drove on the street, but on track, it was a force to be reckoned with.

We recently said goodbye to our long-term Tesla Model Y Performance. In the four years we owned this silent assassin, we piled on 40,000 miles, drag-raced it, U-Drag-raced it, went through a set of tires, and pushed loads of electrons around in the process. For those who are late to our Tesla party, our video team has made a mixtape of the Model Y's greatest racing hits. There's lots to see here.

Living life one quarter mile at a time

Here at Edmunds, we race responsibly, and so the Model Y earned its street cred on the drag strip. It went up against some of the best performance vehicles available and racked up several impressive wins. We'll post links to each of the full-length episodes below in case you want to transition from the mix tape session to a full-on album listening party.

Eventually, the drag races evolved into our one-of-a-kind U-Drags format, which involves not only straight-line performance but also tests the vehicles' braking and cornering abilities. The Model Y was one of the first few EVs to test out this concept.

Drag races

U-Drag races

Drag racing the Model Y

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Edmunds says

Truthfully, many of us weren't fans of driving the Model Y around town due to its noisy cabin and stiff ride. But on the drag strip, it became the weapon of choice and brought big grins to our faces. Farewell, "Tessy." Your younger sib, who's a little too much into sci-fi, is moving in and staying with us for a while.