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Fisker Is Trying to Offload Ocean SUVs for $14K Each

The flash sale would be part of a $46 million deal

Edmunds' long-term 2023 Fisker Ocean
  • Fisker is hoping to offload more than 3,000 examples of its Ocean SUV in one fell swoop.
  • The EVs would be sold for roughly $14,000 each.
  • The move is part of Fisker's Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.

Just when we thought the Fisker Ocean couldn't get any cheaper, the company is now trying to mass-sell a bunch of its SUVs at a cut-rate price. According to a report from Reuters on Wednesday, Fisker is seeking approval to sell 3,321 examples of the Ocean to a vehicle leasing company at the super-low price of about $14,000 per car.

The move is part of Fisker's Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. If approved by a judge, the ailing carmaker would sell the Oceans to New York-based American Lease in a deal totaling roughly $46.3 million. American Lease works with rideshare drivers, offering a fleet of cars for lease or rent in New York. In May, American Lease agreed to buy 2,100 Oceans, but is now asking for all 3,321 EVs currently ready for sale.

2023 Fisker Ocean rear three-quarter

Last year, New York mandated that the city's ride-share fleet move to zero-emissions vehicles by 2030, so the large-scale purchase of EVs like the Ocean makes sense. For all its faults, the Ocean is still a comfortable and roomy midsize SUV, which would make it a pretty good choice for ride-share applications.

Considering the Ocean EV originally cost as much as $70,000 when new — we paid $69,012 for our long-term test vehicle — this $14,000 fire sale is eye-raising to say the least. But for a company burning through cash like Fisker, every dollar counts.

Edmunds says

Haven't seen an Ocean in the real world? You might find them in the JFK airport Uber queue soon.

Fisker Ocean long-term car