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Honda Debuts 2 New EV Concepts at CES, and They’ve Got a New Logo

Honda is taking electrification very, very seriously

New Honda Logo and Saloon Concept
  • Honda debuted two new concepts at CES on Tuesday.
  • The first is a new electric sedan that will hit our market by 2026; the second is a van we likely won't see in the U.S.
  • The automaker also debuted a new logo and gave us a hint of what its battery will feature.

Honda might have been late to the fully electric crossover game with the Prologue, but that doesn't mean it's sitting on its hands. It unveiled two EV concepts at CES in Las Vegas today — a fully electric van we likely won't get, and a "Saloon" that previews an electric sedan slated for 2026. The two concepts ride on Honda's own electric vehicle architecture (not the Prologue platform it shares with GM), preview the design themes we're going to see from the automaker in the future, and even introduce a brand-new H mark logo for its electric age.

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Honda 0 Series Concepts saloon front 3/4

The sleek sedan concept is the first of what will be a from-the-ground-up line of EVs in Honda's new 0 Series and features a low and wide stance. Honda says there's ample room inside for passengers and has done up the interior with sustainable materials. The Saloon also features steer-by-wire and new body control systems that Honda says will help its buyers realize "the joy of driving" in an EV era. Honda's no stranger to cars that are fun to drive, but we're seriously hoping this electric sedan is more Civic Type R and less Clarity Fuel Cell.

The second concept on display is the Space-Hub, a spacious van that's designed to accommodate several passengers and serve as an actual hub that "connects people to each other and the outside world." This is a concept for Japan and other parts of the world where vans are treated a lot like SUVs are here — spacious, comfortable transport for several people. It's unlikely we'll see it stateside, but the sedan and the Space-Hub will share a design ethos that is sure to define Honda's next generation of EVs.

Honda 0 Series Concepts van rear 3/4

The 0 Series product range will eventually expand to far more than a van and a sedan, and all of the cars that come from the project will embody three core principles — "Thin, Light and Wise." It's such a big deal for the storied Japanese brand that it's debuting an entirely new logo that will set its 0 Series cars — and its other future EVs — apart from the rest of the brand's projects. The new H is sleeker, with a wider angle, and the top half of the badge signifies two outstretched hands. It's clear Honda wants us to come along for the ride.

Honda says the 0 Series cars will also feature more aerodynamic designs thanks to a thinner battery pack and lower floor, much improved advanced driver assistance systems, a heavier focus on sustainable materials, and far more efficient battery technology. Though most of the hard details aren't available yet, Honda did say its battery tech will enable its EVs to charge from 15% to 80% capacity in 10-15 minutes. We also know that these EVs will come with Tesla's NACS socket type and will be able to use that brand's Supercharger network. Expect more details on Honda's next generation of EVs to start trickling out as we get deeper into 2024.

New Honda logo

Edmunds says

Hopefully Honda can deliver the sort of quality and fun-to-drive characteristics we've come to love about its very best sports cars in its first batch of EVs on its new platform.