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Ford F-150 Lightning Range Leaked, Lags Behind Rivian

Ford F-150 Lightning Range Leaked, Lags Behind Rivian

Purported leaks show that most F-150 Lighnings will run out of juice sooner than the R1T

  • Leaked window stickers show EPA-estimated range between 230 and 300 miles.
  • The Lariat with the extended-range battery rated to go 320 miles, 20 more than expected.
  • Despite exceeding Ford's initial figures, the Lightning still falls short of the upcoming R1T Max.

The hotly anticipated 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is entering a sparsely populated segment, for now. Just one electric truck has beaten it to market: the Rivian R1T. Ford announced range targets for the F-150 Lightning last year, but now those figures may be confirmed with a set of purported window stickers leaked on an F-150 forum. Here's what we know.

Documents claim to show that EPA estimates exceed Ford's official figures

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is launching with your choice of two battery packs, which Ford refers to as standard-range and extended-range. Ford previously said the standard pack is estimated to take the Lightning 230 miles, while the extended pack should get drivers to 300 miles. So far, we haven't seen official EPA estimates, but a user on posted a set of window stickers that appear to be authentic. If they're real, then they're our first look at actual EPA estimates.

Of the window stickers that leaked, three stood out to us: those for the consumer-grade Platinum and Lariat trim levels — both with the extended-range pack — and the fleet-focused Lightning Pro with the standard-range battery. The Lightning Pro shows a range of 230 miles, and the Platinum shows 300 miles, both of which line up with Ford's initial estimates. The surprise is that the sticker of the Lariat with the extended-range battery shows a range of 320 miles. Theoretically, the Lightning Lariat with the extended-range pack should offer slightly more range than the Rivian R1T with its so-called Large pack (the only battery pack currently available).

Aside from range, the Lightning trucks described have combined mpg-e ratings between 66 (Platinum) and 70 (Lariat). The R1T sits at 70 mpg-e combined and uses less electricity on the highway than the F-150 Lightning variants, but some Lightnings are more efficient in the city. 

R1T will likely beat the Lightning's range with the upcoming Max battery pack

Rivian has already announced a Max battery pack, with a claimed 180-kWh capacity, that it says will take the R1T more than 400 miles. So far, Ford's 300-mile pack is the largest on offer, leaving it slightly behind in a segment known for fierce competition.

Ford's cross-town rival is also about to get in on the electric truck action. Chevrolet is in the process of readying its Silverado EV with a 200-kWh max pack size, which would eclipse even the Rivian's Max pack when it launches. That being said, the Silverado EV better watch its weight. Otherwise it'll end up like the Hummer EV, with its 47 mpg-e and 329 miles of range — both of which are relatively low considering the immense capacity of its pack.

Edmunds says

Rivian's R1T beat the Ford F-150 Lightning to market, and purported leaks of the Lightning's window sticker show that many versions of the Rivian have superior range. That said, given Rivian's ongoing production woes, maybe it's better that Ford let its highly anticipated electric pickup cook a little longer.