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GM Issues Stop-Sale for Chevy Blazer EV Due to Software Glitches

Seems our long-term Blazer EV isn't the only SUV having problems

2024 Chevy Blazer EV long-term tester, front three-quarter
  • Chevrolet is temporarily pausing sales of the new Blazer EV.
  • This stop-sale order comes days after we detailed all the problems we're having with the long-term 2024 Blazer EV we purchased two months ago.
  • It's unclear when General Motors will have a software fix ready.

Late Friday evening, Chevrolet issued a statement confirming a stop-sale order for the new Blazer EV electric SUV.

"We are aware that a limited number of Blazer EV owners have experienced some software quality issues," Chevrolet said. "To ensure our customers have a great experience with their vehicle, we are temporarily pausing sales of Blazer EVs. Our team is working quickly to roll out a fix, and owners will be contacted with further information on how to schedule their update. We apologize for the inconvenience."

It's hardly a coincidence that this news comes right on the heels of our story detailing the 23, count 'em, 23 issues we're having with the long-term tester we purchased two months ago. A laundry list of software issues has rendered our Blazer EV unusable, and the car is still sitting in a Chevy dealer's service center with no return date in sight.

As it turns out, we aren't alone. InsideEVs recently published an article citing numerous problems customers are having with their Blazer EVs. Even worse, the story includes negative testimony from buyers of other Ultium-powered General Motors vehicles, like the Cadillac Lyriq and GMC Hummer EV.

"Customer satisfaction is our priority," Chevrolet vice president Scott Bell said in a statement, "and as such, we will take a brief pause on new deliveries."

Edmunds says

We hope Chevrolet can quickly ready a software update so customers' Blazer EVs – including our own – can get back on the road.