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Early Chevy Blazer EV Buyers Are Eligible to Get Some Money Back

The reimbursement comes on the heels of Chevy lowering the Blazer EV's base price

Chevy Blazer EV rear three-quarter
  • Chevy's final software update for the Blazer EV is now available to customers.
  • If you bought a Blazer EV before March 7, you could be eligible for a reimbursement.
  • The Blazer EV's stop sale has officially lifted and the SUV is back on sale.

We got an interesting letter in the mail today at Edmunds HQ: a memo from Chevrolet offering us a reimbursement of $5,620 for the 2024 Blazer EV we bought last year. Remember, when Chevy lifted the stop sale on the Blazer EV last month, the company lowered the SUV's starting price. Now, Chevy is making up the difference to the Blazer EV's early adopters.

"Chevrolet recently announced a new MSRP reduction on 2024 Blazer EVs," the company wrote in its letter to customers. "As a result of this announcement, we would like to offer reimbursement to customers who purchased a new 2024 Blazer EV before March 7, 2024."

Our $5,620 reimbursement applies to the Blazer RS AWD we bought for our long-term fleet, which originally had a base price of $60,215 and now costs $54,595. Folks who bought the base Blazer LT AWD, which initially had a base MSRP of $56,715, could receive up to $6,520 back, given the EV's new starting price of $50,195 including destination.

A Chevrolet spokesperson did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

How's our Blazer EV doing, you ask? We took our car to the dealer to have its final software update installed, and the car's been working fine ever since. In the reimbursement letter that Chevrolet mailed, the company urges customers to take their car to a dealer to receive the free software update. "Complimentary pickup and delivery may be provided while your vehicle is being updated," Chevy said.

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Edmunds says

It's great to see Chevrolet working to make things right for its early Blazer EV adopters. We look forward to a long and — hopefully — trouble-free life with our long-term Blazer EV.