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2022 BMW i4 and BMW iX driving on snow

BMW Recalls More Than 14,000 EVs That Could Lose Power

The issue surrounds malfunctioning high-voltage battery software

  • BMW is recalling more than 14,000 iX, i4 and i7 models.
  • The recall concerns faulty software that might cause a sudden loss of power, increasing the risk of a crash.
  • The remedy is an electronic control unit (ECU) update that will be completed for free.

BMW is recalling more than 14,000 units of its iX, i4 and i7 electric vehicles. The recall is centered around the cars' high-voltage battery electronic control unit (ECU) software that might cause a sudden loss of power. The problem is specifically related to the thermal management software, an issue that reminds us of the recall Ford recently issued for the Mach-E. That loss of power can occur while the car is on the move, and that can increase the risk of a crash.

BMW filed the recall report with the NHTSA on December 20 of 2022, which means the NHTSA didn't force BMW to perform the recall. Instead BMW acknowledged the issue and asked for the recall. According to the report, the resolution for the recall is simple. Owners of the i4, iX and the relatively new i7 will be sent a recall notice if their car is affected starting on February 10, 2023. They'll simply have to take their car to a BMW dealership, where the ECU software will be updated free of charge.

2022 BMW iX and i4 on ice static exterior

The report does not give specific build dates for the models involved and instead only says that up to 14,086 models might have the issue. While the i7 has only been around for the 2023 model year, both 2022 and 2023 i4 and iX models fall under the recall. All of their associated trims could be part of the recall, too, as every version of each model was listed in the NHTSA's documentation.

If you own any of the three vehicles and don't want to wait for the notice to arrive in your mailbox, you can call BMW customer service at 1-800-525-7417. Have your VIN handy in order to check if your vehicle has been affected.

Edmunds says

It's probably worth getting on the horn and making sure your BMW isn't one of the cars affected by the recall sooner rather than later.