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1993 Cadillac Seville STS

Sam Morris, 02/11/2007
STS 4dr Sedan
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The 1993 Cadillac Seville STS with 295 HP on board, the Northstar 4.6L made it a legitimate performance car. Additionally, such items as equal-length driveshafts, a new electronically controlled 4T80-E transmission, fluidic engine mounts and Bosch ASRIIU traction control, are just a few items of technology packed into the 1993 Cadillac Seville STS. The 1993 Cadillac Seville STS displays fine road manners and a rock-solid feel, thanks to a stiffened chassis. Its road noise was reduced, and its improved engine-mounting better isolated the V8 from the passenger compartment. Its acceleration is brisk with the 4.6-liter engine, never lacking for strength whether in the city or on the highway.

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Pearl white dream

D2, 12/02/2008
STS 4dr Sedan
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I love my Caddy. I have owned many. I thought my 84 Seville classic with the tire in the back and the big grille was great except for the dreaded HT4100 motor but my 93 is great. It's a Cali car so no rust, perfect pearl white paint. I love this car. It still flys with a 150,000 miles. I have changed the oil one time with Mobil 1 and filled it with super since day one and she's been good to me. My only complaint is the water pump housing and the taillight that fogs in the rainy season but small prices to pay for 11 years of style and perfomance. I'll take this car to my grave. And yes I own a new DTS and like my 93 more. Maybe it's a sentimental but oh well

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oil leaks

noromeo4juliet, 03/30/2009
STS 4dr Sedan
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The Cadillac I purchased is my second Cadillac that continues to amaze me with the high quality of performance. I also have an eighty six Seville that has 158,000 miles and I have never had any problems on it until recently. The one problem I have noticed is the problem with oil leaks in both cadillacs that started at about 120,000 miles. Thinking it was changed in later years to a different type engine, but it gets pricey to fix as you usually have to drop the engine to get it repaired. Other than that I would recommend and buy again. Excellent car.

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My First Car

Skumpy, 01/08/2010
4dr Sedan
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Ok i'm a teen driver and it's my first car and in my opinion it is most definitely a great car if taken car of. However if it isn't, things start falling apart left and right, and due to the mess of features available for this, it's an expensive fix and a pain to find parts. A lot of power i think, and the turning is extremely comfortable. Inside is a little cramped at times but the all digital display is pretty cool. Very low to the ground so you need to be wary of where you are driving and slightly careful. Only downside is the size, which is only a problem due to parking. The size of the hood and the height make it hard to see the spaces around you, which is a pain in parking lots.

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Very Fun to Drive

beringsea56, 02/19/2010
STS 4dr Sedan
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The northstar engine has plenty of power to pass cars on the freeway or just when getting around town My down side has been the 3rd gear selonoid went out and the waterpump had to be replaced other than that I'd buy one again my car is black on black paint

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