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Love my Riv!

th3fr4nchi5e, 08/22/2013
Supercharged 2dr Coupe
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I've had my Riv for almost 4 years now. 178k mi on the clock. It was my first car and I've loved it since the day I got it. It was professionally repainted with some custom touches by my dad and I am asked what it is all the time. Its lightly modded with much more in the future and pulls excellent. My only expense aside from regular maintenance was the original Tranny died at 169k miles. A comment for other owners: I see alot of people having the Supercharger replaced at an expense of $800+. These Superchargers rarely fail. Most often it is a worn coupling which is available new for $30 and most mechanically inclined people could service it themselves. There are many write ups online!

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Best used vehicle I've even owned!

guy41, 05/06/2011
2dr Coupe
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I fell in love with the styling of the 1995 Riviera when it was first introduced. In 2007 I finally purchased a 1995 with 170,000 on the clock for a second car. That was four years ago and the Riviera now has 229,000 miles on it. This car is a pleasure to drive and I still can’t get over the sleek lines of the body and its beautiful interior. The only repairs its required so far is replace the idle pulley and serpentine belt along with the plug wires and spark plugs. That’s it except for regular fluid and filter changes. I check my mileage with every fill-up and the average ranges from 27 to 28 mpg. Long trips can yield anywhere from 28 to 32 mpg depending on the weather conditions and terrain. The car still rides and handles very well and the comfortable quiet interior makes long road trips enjoyable. In fact anyone that has ridden in the back seat has commented on how much room there is and how comfortable it is. Because of its looks a lot of people think it is something newly introduced and seem surprised when they find out its 16 years old. Even when compared to the Cadillac’s, Volvos, Audis and other cars I’ve owned, the Riviera has proven to be the well-engineered with the highest overall quality. If Buick still made the Riviera, I would definitely buy another.

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Still in love with my Riv even after 100k mi!

Carla Graham, 02/17/2016
Supercharged 2dr Coupe
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I bought my Buick Riviera 10 years ago with about 80k on the tach, and now I have 184k miles on her with no major repairs, just minor things along the way like a water pump, fuel pump, battery, tires, and oh yes, we had to replace a CV joint on the front end (what do you expect after 100k miles??😄). Anyhow, this car has always been fun to drive, handles great, VERY dependable, sticks to the road like glue, and has all the creature comforts anyone would want! This car truly was ahead of its time, a friend of mi e has a 2000Lincoln Town Car that doesn't have HALF the features that my Riv has!! The only gripe I have about the car is the paint. It started going bad on me about 4-5 years after I purchased her, but I had it repainted (believe it or not that failed too, at least GM's paint lasted a hell of a lot longer than the repaint I had put on her😢). Anyhow it looks like this car is gonna be with us for quite a while, my daughter turned 16 last August and started driving the car, and now she's in love with the car!! I guess I will eventually turn the keys over to her, as attached to the car as I am right now, at least I will see someone getting her that loves her as much as I do!!

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I Love this Car...

Rivi 95, 08/06/2005
Supercharged 2dr Coupe
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I found a pretty much mint '95 Maroon (I swear if it was that ugly green or some dumb color, I might not have bought it) supercharged, fully loaded, from the factory chrome rims to the factory wood trim, (which adds so much character to the car) to the one touch sun roof, I just had to have this car. I'm going to be that guy at 50 who gets to say "Yup, I still got my first car and love this Riviera like it was the first time I laid eyes on it. We drove it cross country once. Boston to San Diego (2 week trip we will never forget) The Riviera made the trip even that much more fun. The seats are like sofas. If you can find a Riviera, buy it. I love my '95 Riviera.

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Another Great 'Big' American Coupe

BigTexKahuna, 12/14/2006
Supercharged 2dr Coupe
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I bought this car from an old friend, and I remember the day he got it, so I know it well. I've had it for one month, and I find driving it very enjoyable. The SC-V6 is powerful enough to effortlessly pull this big coupe, the tranny shifts smoothly. Amazingly quiet inside, leather seating is comfortable and very roomy throughout. Slightly short on headroom- definitely can't wear my cowboy hat while driving. Mine has the power split bench-seat option with column shifter. Changed struts, mounts and boots, so suspension is like new. Car is getting custom paint job. I have 18" chrome wheels and tires on order. Will have windows tinted soon and upgrade speakers. Overall a fun car to drive!

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