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Comfortable, Sleek, and elegant

Kassem Ismail, 08/09/2016
4dr Sedan (2.4L 4cyl gas/electric hybrid 6A)
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To start off, I would certainly like to say that for the money, Buick has done a marvelous job in owning up to the word luxury in this model. The seats hug you to eventually offer a simple release. The layout of the interior really makes up for the slight flaws found in the car. This would be my 3rd vehicle and previous owner to a Chevy HHR. The good definitely outweighs the bad with this car. The bad: one of the many terrible reviews on this car is the shiny chrome cover surrounding the gear shifter. Be careful, because at a stop light or pulling through a drive through a bright white reflection may beam you right in both eyes, causing you to cover your eyes (with dark window tints, not so much of the sun makes it into the car which is not so bad). I am 5'8" and about 190lbs (I'm not too big of a guy), but getting into the car, sometimes I knock right into the lower part of the dash. Because I put my right foot in first and proceed to sit down, is maybe the tale tell sign of getting in the car wrong? But I tell you, if forgotten about, it can hurt like hell getting into the car. The acceleration has a bit of resistance also. Given that the car has adapted the eAssist concept of efficiency over power, I would say that its not a deal breaker. At times the media center in the dash can freeze/run slow/display the wrong information (which again, is not a deal breaker because it has happened maybe 5 times out of owning the car for 7 months). Of course not having much trunk space is a downfall. The battery from the eAssist takes up a quarter of the trunk which doesn't play out too well if you like to store lots of tire size objects in your trunk. The rear seats still fold down so that is a positive outlook on it. Speaking of seats, some of the threads are coming out of the leather in the back of the drivers seat, which has me baffled because neither I or the owner before are big guys. The pieces of leather are literally separating, giving a view of about 3 cm wide into the darkness of the inside of the seat. Also the matte material on the door panel (covering window switches and pieces on the steering wheel) have began to chip. I'm not sure what the previous owner did to start it, but it is not pleasing to the eye. The matte material is brown and under is black. So it really looks like the car is cheap when looked at closely. Luckily it does not flake up but only get bigger when scratched (which I assure you, will be kept to an absolute minimal). I am now done nit-picking every issue I have with the car. Honestly, isn't that much. Which is why I rated the car a 5* overall. All issues of mine are cosmetic (other than lack of acceleration, if I wanted power, I would've gotten a Dodge Challenger). I enjoy taking my Regal on a short drive to the grocery store or even hours away to a nearby city. The Regal hasn't failed me so far and has managed to slightly surpass my own first impression/standards of the car. I look forward for years to come with her.

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Joanne Westley, 06/24/2016
Premium 1 4dr Sedan (2.4L 4cyl gas/electric hybrid 6A)
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