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Engineering at it's best

Hily, 04/02/2019
645Ci 2dr Coupe (4.4L 8cyl 6M)
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I have had my 6 speed manual 645ci for over 30,000 miles as I am writing this review. It is an 04 and I bought it in 2017 with already 105k miles when purchased and chose the manual instead of the automatic due to transmission issues BMW had on the V8s not being able to handle high amounts of torque. I also got it as a coupe because I live in Houston, TX and don't want to be dealing with what harsh freeway noises, 18 wheelers and break-ins which are easier with a conv to do. You will either love the car or flat out hate it. Not because of the way it drives or the way it looks, which is AMAZING ! The materials feel so luxurious and that's coming from an MB owner, it is definitely futuristic for the model year. I've had people think it was at least 2015 and no one thought it was less than 2012. But you have to be careful with these cars. I have owned an MB E63 AMG and 2 E55s AMG (still own the older one 2002 model, can't seem to let this one go) and with ALL of them, if you do not drive them consistently you will have problems (I drive around 20k miles a year with the 645 as my daily car, at least 70 miles per day to my work and back). with the 645, Electrical problems will most definitely happen if you leave it sitting. On top of the electronic overload that is in the car which drains the battery if you don't drive it, the car itself is VERY sensitive to any voltage fluctuations and will start giving warning lights and shutting off systems in response (First system to go is seat and air heating, then Active Steering...) a common problem is that the Valve cover oil leaks happen right on top of the alternator (generator) and with time messes up the brushes and the voltage regulator, so if you get crazy warning lights come on and off, that's probably why. Battery can be the issue as well, make sure you get a good quality battery and that IT IS PROGRAMMED to the car after changing it. Same thing for the AC compressor. They just happen to be positioned in place where Valve cover oil leaks take place (and they all leak oil, specially the V8s). If you do replace any of those 2 parts, please look at the oil problem if you have it because you will find yourself in the same situation. I have had that problem, but went away after driving it alot. I also used the Castrol 0w-40 which tends to be a little thicker and cause less leaks. There a seal stem problem that these engines have and I was told if you keep the oil clean (at least once every 5k miles, you should be ok) I do it every 3 to 4k miles) This is by far my favorite BMW by far and is staying for the long run. Styling is an A+++ turns heads wherever you go and drives better than it looks. Quiet, Lots of Torque and definitely Cornering is special in this car I assume from the Active Steering but the car turns before you even think it. Trunk is very spacious on the account of small rear leg room but I'm 6'3 and fit very comfortably. Long drives in this car are a blast. the long hood gives easy access to all engine components. You have to a little mechanically savvy when you own this car it speaks a language of its own. If you're the type of person that takes it in every time a warning light comes on then this is probably not the car for you, most times it is not the direct problem anyway. It will be the best driving experience if all goes good.

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BMW 645 Convertible

paul Bailey, 04/26/2015
645Ci 2dr Coupe (4.4L 8cyl 6M)
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Without a doubt the best car I ever owned. I have had Mercedes, BMW 530i, Ferrari 355 (2 years old) several Porsche 911's and this is just such a great car. Economical, fast, brilliant handling, stylish, practical, great sound system, reliable. I cannot fault the car and abolutely love it.

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Lee, 11/22/2005
645Ci 2dr Coupe (4.4L 8cyl 6M)
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Don't drive this car unless you're prepared to purchase one. I went to the dealer to test drive a 7 series. I thought I would just compare it against the 6, so I test drove one and purchased it right afterwards. This car is above and beyond any thing I have ever owned. I like it. I purchased the sport model and the back seat isn't a problem. If you want a big back seat buy a 7 series. I love all of it.

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Unreliable starts

samanthaat, 06/30/2011
645Ci 2dr Coupe (4.4L 8cyl 6M)
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At first I loved this car. I'm a low mileage driver and BMW tells me the car is meant to be driven a lot. If you don't drive it a lot this car is a life of hell. The BMW dealer told me if I don't drive it at least one day a week for an hour the battery will die. He said there is too much draining the battery. It's not a week though. Seven starts drains the battery. I keep it on a trickle charge, but that apparently doesn't keep it from draining. After the battery drains a couple dozen times, its time for a new battery which today cost over $500. That's not acceptable but what is really unacceptable is having an $80,000 car that leaves me stranded and calling AAA once a week.

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6 Series - Buffed Elegance

Sarge, 09/20/2007
645Ci 2dr Coupe (4.4L 8cyl 6M)
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Great car. With the sport package, this is truly buffed elegance. I really enjoy the interior and the exterior design. Great sound system. As for the much maligned iDrive. If you don't enjoy being challenged by technology, don't get the iDrive. As for me, I am a techy, so I find the iDrive very functional and entertaining.

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